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The 50 Best Coffee Shops In Eastern Europe

A Third Wave of coffee has been sweeping over Eastern Europe in the last decade, with great coffee fast becoming the norm. So we’re celebrating with a shout out to the very best coffee in Eastern Europe.

A whole range of passionate coffee enthusiasts have been redefining our expectations, educating both the consumers and other people entering the coffee industry. Those are the coffee shops we wanted to celebrate today. Some are big, some are small, but they are all equally passionate about their product.

We looked to our audience for suggestions regarding their favourite coffee shops, as well as contributions from the Big 7 Travel editorial team.

You’ll never be stuck again with this list of where to find the best coffee in Eastern Europe…

Best Coffee Shops In Eastern EuropeHow do these rankings work?

50th. 2 Giraffes Espresso Bar – Sofia, Bulgaria

Looking for rich, full-bodied coffee, tasty food & superb service? That’s just what you’ll find at 2 Giraffes Espresso Bar. They use a variety of coffee equipment (Espresso, V60, and Chemex) so you’re sure to find the perfect style for you. It’s also a great spot for co-working.

49th. Café Lisboa – Krakow, Poland

Cafe Lisboa brings the best of Portugal’s coffee scene to Krakow. You’ll instantly feel like you’re in Lisbon with those familiar blue tiles and gentle fado music playing in the background.

Their coffees here are fantastic too and you must have it with the tart that is a Portuguese specialty!

48th. Kooperativ Chernyy – Moscow, Russia 

When it comes to finding a coffee shop that cares very deeply about the process of creating coffees that are full of rich flavours, that would be Kooperativ Chernyy. You won’t just get another cup of coffee here as they put a lot of thought into the beans they source to the roasting process.

For that perfect cup of java made with some serious Russian love, come to Kooperativ Chernyy.

47th. Poetry Coffeeshop – Chisinau, Moldova

Specialty coffee isn’t exactly huge as of yet in Moldova, but this super little coffee shop is flying the flag for premium brews. They brew all sorts of great coffee drinks – from espresso to cold brew – using beans from Austrian roaster Julius Meinl.

Be sure to try their almond-based drinks for a sweet alternative.

46th. Karma Cafe – Krakow, Poland

Good karma will definitely come to the baristas at Karma Cafe for they are some of the nicest and friendliest people in Krakow and they roast their own coffee in shop. Coffees are complex and delightfully delicious here too.

Have one of their hand-roasted coffees and pair it with a snack at Karma Cafe.`

45th. FIVE Points Coffee – Bratislava, Slovakia

This “hidden coffee shop” is where high-quality coffee, interesting food, wine and a few classic cocktails come together. They use Slovakian 9 Grams Coffee for all their brews,  which is a 100% Arabica blend. There’s also a great iced coffee menu and the city’s first ‘selfiecino’.

44th. Fabrika Daga – Sofia, Bulgaria

Choose from espresso, French Press and everything in between at this classic Third-Gen coffee shop. As well as serving up seriously good coffees, Fabrika also has a delicious food menu that’s popular for brunch. It’s a real winner when it comes to some of the best coffee in Eastern Europe.

43rd. Madal Cafe – Budapest, Hungary

Madal Cafe began in May 2013 in as one of the first specialty coffeeshops in the city. Since then they have expanded to three locations. They say that the key to their success is only sourcing the best of the best in terms of beans. Plus, they roast their coffee fresh themselves.

42nd. Cafe Tektura – Krakow, Poland

When you’re busy visiting the Old Town of Krakow, a coffee break would be a nice little reprieve from all the sightseeing. Cafe Tektura is near the edge of Old Town and offers some of the best specialty coffee in Krakow.

Indulge in a cup of their coffee and have one of their tasty homemade cakes to go with it.

41st. Origo – Bucharest, Romania

Opened in 2013, Origio was the first specialty coffee shop on the scene in Bucharest and has gone a huge way in inspiring many newcomers. They roast all their own beans on a Loring Smart Roaster and have some great single-origin espresso blends.

The cafe itself has a lovely terrace with seats outside and it turns into a boutique cocktail bar once darkness falls.

40th. Pitcher – St. Petersburg, Russia 

Locals love coming to Pitcher because their main coffee supplier is Russian-company, Coffee Owl. The cups of jo that come from here are fantastic and full of flavour. The shop is on the smaller side but the coffees are big in bold tastes.

Be like a local here and go for a fresh cup of java here at Pitcher.

39th. Eska – Prague, Czech Republic

Eska is a beautiful bakery, restaurant and coffee shop all rolled into one. It’s a Scandinavian-style place, with a lovely open plan floor and plenty of light.

They use premium coffee from Czech coffee-roasting plant Nordbeans, with truly expert baristas behind the machine. Don’t miss out on the flaky croissants or homemade coffee cake!

38th. West 4 Coffee Brew Bar – Moscow, Russia

West 4 Coffee Brew Bar is a cafe that feels more like a friend’s loft with its high ceilings and concrete floors. Nonetheless, at this cafe, you’ll find some of the best coffees in Moscow made from beans that come from as far away as South Africa.

Try one of their three fancy filter coffee options here and choose one that is line with your coffee tastes.

37th. Filtry – Warsaw, Poland

Filtry is a Third Wave coffee house that serves up some of the best freshly roasted coffee in Warsaw. It’s small and cosy, with all sorts of coffee items on the menu.

Don’t leave with tasting the amazing brownie cake with sea salt. It goes perfectly with the rich and creamy coffees.

36th. Coftale – Bucharest, Romania

Coftale’s retro vibe and beans from local coffee roasters including Origo, Papa Jacques and Guido make it a must-visit coffee shop in Bucharest.

There’s all-things-java that you could ever dream of: espresso, V60, syphon coffee, cold brew or Aeropress. Order the speciality coffee with Baileys and Jagermeister if you need a serious kick.

35th. Cheder Cafe – Krakow, Poland

Cheder Cafe is one of the more calmer places to have a cup of coffee in Krakow. This cafe draws on the Jewish heritage of the Kazimierz district this shop is in and offers Israeli coffee and a variety of kosher snacks.

If you’ve never tried Israeli coffee, give it a shot here at Cheder Cafe. You’ll soon be sipping on a cup of some of the best coffee in Eastern Europe.

34th. Kafe Karlin – Prague, Czech Republic

Kafe Karlin is a cute, small espresso bar with coffee beans from their very own roaster. This tiny standing-only coffee bar strikes the perfect balance between a friendly atmosphere and a dedication to only serving the best coffees.

It’s bright, stylish and the perfect pit-stop for a rich, strong coffee.

33rd. City Coffee – St. Petersburg, Russia

City Coffee is another fantastic coffee shop in St.Petersburg that is always trying to push past the status quo of coffee making. They often experiment with new tastes and roasts and their frequently rotating menu shows that they are constantly trying to get better.

Depending on your coffee preferences, ask the baristas here for a recommendation.

32nd. Kontakt – Speciality Coffeeshop – Budapest, Hungary

A small stripped back coffee shop where they let their product do the talking. As soon as you discover Kontakt, you’ll find yourself becoming a regular and wondering what excuse you can find to go back again and again.

If you are lucky enough to bag a seat outside in summer sitting there sipping your favourite brew and people watching is one of life’s great pleasures.

31st. Fair Finch Coffee Center – Kyiv, Ukraine

Not only is Fair Finch a fantastic place to stop by for a coffee, it’s also an expert coffee school, where you can learn about the different types of coffee and how to distinguish flavours. Buy bags of their own-roasted coffee to take home and recreate the incredible experience.

30th. Dose Cafe – Bucharest, Romania

This tiny-but-might coffee shop is founded by Alex Raduca and Alex Frosin, two former sailors whose love for speciality coffee came from their travels. They use the famous Caffeination coffee from Antwerp for all their brews and have even won the 2018 Romanian Aeropress Champion award.

Grab a cold brew to cool down in the summer months – it’s superb.

29th. The Ministry of Coffee (Ministerstwo Kawy) – Warsaw, Poland

Ministerstwo Kawy is a popular coffee store that’s been a local favourite for over five years, thanks to their rich Arabica brews. Whether you go for a drip coffee or espresso, it’s guaranteed to be great.

Be sure to order one of their homebaked pastries on the side.

28th. 9BAR – Budapest, Hungary

The place to come if you want some seriously tasty pastries served up with your coffee. Throw in perfectly made coffees and the amazing service and its the sort of place you’d want to stay for a second cup.

27th. Bolshe Coffee – St. Petersburg, Russia

Bolshe Coffee is one of the bigger players in the specialty coffee scene in St.Petersburg thanks to their forward-thinking owners. The passion and dedication for making and perfecting coffees here are felt in the roasting of their beans down in-house.

Grab a cup of espresso and enjoy outdoors in their colourful outdoor seating area.

26th. Double B – Prague, Czech Republic

Double B’s specialities include flavoured coffee creations using homemade syrups as well as exceptional espresso. Their single-origin coffees are some of the best Prague coffee you’ll find in the entire city.

They also hold regular coffee workshops for any caffeine fan who wants to brush up on their bean knowledge.

25th. Espressoholic – Kyiv, Ukraine

Located in the Podolsky district, this hugely popular (and small) coffee shop almost always has a queue of coffee lovers lining up at the door. Espressoholic was one of the city’s first speciality coffee stores and shows zero chance of slowing down.

A gem for some of the best coffee in Eastern Europe.

24th. David B. Cafe – Moscow, Russia

The David B. Cafe refers to the legendary rock star, David Bowie, and is about as strange of a connection you can have in Moscow. But yet, the coffees here at David B’s are sublime and are known to pair extremely well with one of their croissants.

Definitely get the croissant and a Flat White here and admire the David Bowie memorabilia on the walls.

23rd. Pożegnanie z Afryką – Warsaw, Poland

Pożegnanie z Afryka cafe has been in the same place for 25 years, and is one of the longest-standing places for amazing coffee in Warsaw.

There’s over 50 types of coffee beans to choose from here, which you can take home to try. Want to chill out here? They do all sorts of tasty styles of coffee.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

22nd. Kontakt – Bratislava, Slovakia

Kontackt is a cosy space with incredible speciality coffee served in all sorts of ways. Sip on a creamy cappuccino or a strong ristretto, made with beans from independent roasters. It’s the ideal place to come and chill with a book for the afternoon.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

21st. Trofic – Bucharest, Romania

Located in the heart of the Creative District, Trofic is a bright and trendy coffee store that has its Synesso espresso machine in pride of place. Artisan coffee comes from nearby Origo (see below) and the baristas are world class.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

20th. OneSip Coffee – Prague, Czech Republic

This charming cafe roasts its own beans from its roastery, Candycane, as well as using premium beans from Round Hill Roastery. It’s smack bang in the middle of the Old Town but feels super peaceful. 

Get a cold brew to go and don’t miss out on the fresh pastries.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

19th. The Goat Herder – Espresso Bar – Budapest, Hungary

Offering a simple and delicious menu, some seriously good coffee and a friendly team – all served in a trendy setting. They also say they have take inspiration from the coffee scene in Australia.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

18th. Bonch – St. Petersburg, Russia

Bonch is another favourite of St.Petersburg locals as they serve quality coffees and they roast them using Northwest Roasting Company. Their shop is friendly and welcoming and you’ll often see students and other work professionals set up shop here with a cup of coffee in hand.

Try an espresso or a coffee from Kenyan beans here at Bonch.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

17th. Drekka – Sofia, Bulgaria

The coolest coffee spot in Sofia? It’s certainly the most Instagrammable, that’s for sure. Drekka is a hip third-wave coffee store that sells artisan goods and features rotating guest coffee roasters.

The blue and white design will make any Sofia Instagram stand out. It’s an essential cafe on any list of the best coffee in Eastern Europe.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

16th. Coffee and Riot – Prague, Czech Republic

Coffee and Riot serves up coffee by day and booze by night – the perfect combination. They use a shining La Marzocca coffee machine to brew up their delicious beans, which they source from independent roaster.

They constantly rotate their coffees so there’s always something new and exciting to try.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

15th. Cophi – Warsaw, Poland

This small family company specialises in expert roasting of only the best beans. The coffee store has funky tunes, and you can drink coffee from one of 10 coffee mixtures they offer every day.

This includes filter coffees, single origin espresso and creative styles – think Vietnamese coffees and more.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

14th. Dabov Specialty Coffee – Sofia, Bulgaria

Dabov Speciality Coffee is a staple of Sofia’s coffee scene, now selling their roasted beans to over 100 local shops. They produce their own coffee blends and even provide one-to-one cupping masterclasses and training. A great place to pop in for a delicious cup of coffee and a treat.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

13th. Proficiency Coffee – Kraków, Poland

Proficiency Coffee imports and roasts coffee from all over the world in the most ethical ways possible. They do a booming wholesale business but their coffees are best enjoyed served up by one of their super talented baristas in the shop. Coffee perfection.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

12th. Artichoke Coffee – Bucharest, Romania

This independent coffee shop in central Bucharest serves all day breakfast and specialty coffee and looks absolutely beautiful. Chances are you’ll spot several Instagrammers trying to get the perfect shot – this place is stylish AF. Coffee is the real highlight: it comes from Madison Coffee Roasters, a Romanian roastery.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

11th. EMA Espresso Bar – Prague, Czech Republic

A large industrial space where their team of super talented baristas make some of the best coffees in the country. There’s a real community vibe here, and that combined with the bright airy space makes it somewhere you’ll probably settle in and have a second cup.

A haven for some of the best coffee in Eastern Europe.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

10th. Espresso Embassy – Budapest, Hungary 

Run by a group of people who are obsessed with coffee. The baristas are super knowledgable and always happy to talk your through their various brews (you’ll find some great filter coffees here if that is your thing). This is the sort of place where they put so much love into the product that you’ll simply never have a bad cup of coffee here.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

9th. Urban House – Bratislava, Slovakia

Urban House is a space that is bursting full of creativity. You could be here to read a book, dance, drink a cocktail or eat their amazing food, but really it’s the coffee that underpins the whole place. Top quality brews served in an amazing room.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

8th. Espresso Bike – St. Petersburg, Russia

Espresso Bike initially sold their coffees on a bike in front of a shopping mall. Now, they have traded in their bike for an actual space and this space is full of wonderful character that makes the coffee-drinking experience here from great to amazing.

The coffees here are seriously good and they roast their beans from two Russian roasters. Try their fantastic cold brew!

best coffee in Eastern Europe

7th. Why Knot? – Minsk, Belarus

Why Knot? coffee is a passion project from a team who are mad about coffee. Not only are they one of the city’s top roasters, the flagship cafe is easily the best place for a brew in Minsk. They regularly switch up the beans on roast too, so you can always sample something new.

A must-try spot for some of the best coffee in Eastern Europe.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

6th. Chucky’s Coffee House – Sofia, Bulgaria

Chucky’s Coffee House is leading the way when it comes to driving the whole third wave of coffee forward across Bulgaria. The shop is fantastic but they also focus on wholesale, training and education. So much more than just a good cup of coffee.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

5th. ONE LOVE – Kyiv, Ukraine

With four locations across the city, this dedicated coffee brand has a particularly pretty place in a local art centre. As well as making delicious traditional coffee, you can also order Chemex, V60 and Aeropress pour-overs.

They also hold live music evenings (piano, saxophone, jazz trio), DJ sets, drawing lessons and chess games in their various cafes.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

4th. Misto – Prague, Czech Republic

Misto is a modern, bright and vivacious light airy space. You’ll be drawn in by the coffee, but soon realise the food menu is what will also keep you coming back. Some brilliantly innovative drinks on the menu for those looking for some variety.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

3rd. Coffeedesk – Kołobrzeg, Poland

One of the brightest and most colourful coffee shops you’ll find in Europe, ,they are proudly leading the way in introducing new coffee standards in Poland.  Alongside the . great coffee you’ll find an abundance of sweet treats and healthy breakfast options. An absolute dream of a coffee shop.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

2nd. My Little Melbourne – Budapest, Hungary

This is a small coffee shop that packs in so much passion between their four walls with regards to coffee. Their staff are always open to sharing their passion and educating people. Once you taste a coffee here, it’ll be your go to Budapest coffee shop time and time again.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

1st. Bob Coffee Lab – Bucharest, Romania

A roastery and coffee shop where the owner Paul displays and conveys his pure passion for coffee on a daily basis. The sort of place that you come for a simple flat white and leave wanting to preach the coffee gospel to everybody you meet.

In short, it’s hands down the place to go for the best coffee in Eastern Europe.

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