The 50 Best Sandwiches In Europe

The 50 Best Sandwiches In Europe

The simple sandwich has always been a lunch time staples across Europe: a quick and affordable treat that can be devoured on the go or back at the office desk.

But where are the truly epic sandwiches in Europe? The special treats that get you drooling at your desk at 10am as you anticipate your lunch. What about those little hidden joints that you simply have to visit when in a new European city? Those are the kinda sandwiches we want.

So, we’ve we’ve found the 50 best sandwiches in Europe. From small pop ups and corner delis to higher end restaurants, these are the sambos that will put all others to shame.

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50th. The Pot Belly – Cyprus

An epic sandwich that features deep fried shrimp smothered in sweet chilli sauce and served in a large roll with salad and fries on the side. The crunch of the crispy shrimp combined with the soft floury bread makes this an absolute winner.

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The Pot Belly Sandwiches

49th. Le Petit Vendôme – Paris, France

There’s very little debate in the world when it comes to deciding which country makes the best baguettes. The French obviously, seeing as they did invent them. This little brasserie is the perfect spot to come and enjoy a wonderfully crunchy and simple sandwich with delicious and fresh meat fillings.

The extra bonus? You can add on a glass of wine as well.

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Le Petit Vendôme Sandwiches In Europe

48th. Atelierul De Sandwich’uri La Maria – Bucharest, Romania

Their wiener schnitzel roll is the stuff that dreams are made of if you have a serious appetite. A massive portion with wonderfully tender and crispy meat packed into a huge bun with ample salad and toppings of your choice. So. Goddamn. Good.

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Atelierul De Sandwich'uri La Maria

47th. Junge – Riga, Latvia

The key here is the combination of their own fresh bread (that is always baked within the last couple of hours) and the wonderfully fresh salmon. Sliced boiled eggs, crisp salad and a simple dressing make this a match made in heaven. So tasty you’ll be wanting another one immediately after.

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Junge Sandwiches In Europe

46th. Farmer’s – Sofia, Bulgaria

This sambo is one for the vegetarians as this delicious sandwich manages to pack in an omelette, cheese, caramelized onions and is then topped off with sweet chilly sauce. The only problem you are going to have is how to fit it all into your mouth in one go…

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Farmer's Sandwiches In Europe

45th. Ma Poule – Copenhagen, Denmark

This famous baguette has tender duck, which is one of the more unusual sandwich fillers, but it works absolutely perfectly. The duck itself is of the confit variety (slow cooked in its own fat) which means it absolutely melts into your mouth. Best enjoyed with an ice cold beer in the summer months.

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Ma Poule Sandwiches In Europe

44th. Mitraillette, Fritland  – Brussels, Belgium

This is technically less of a sandwich and more of an entire meal inside a baguette. You’ll find this hefty dish in Brussels and it consists of sliced meat at the base, a portion of chips on top and a spicy tomato and mayo based sauce. Utterly delicious, even if the calorie count is through the roof.

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Mitraillette Sandwiches In Europe

43rd. F-Hoone – Tallinn, Estonia

You’ll find this warehouse spot in the buzzing creative area of the city. Their burgers and the rest of the menu is superb but the open sandwich platter with four toppings gives you the best of all worlds. Perfect for one seriously hungry person or to share with a friend with a glass of wine or beer.

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Sandwiches Europe

42nd. The Pulled Meat Company – Valetta, Malta

Small spot in the heart of Valetta where they put huge effort into creating the freshest and most inventive sandwiches on the island. The pulled pork is bursting with flavour and the cheese oozes out of a perfectly crisp bun. A delight of a sandwich with lots more options on the menu for the non-pork loving crowd.

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Sandwiches Europe

41st. Meat & Go – Krakow, Poland

As the name suggests they are seriously passionate about their meat. Their classic reuben sandwich ticks all the boxes and is as good as anything you’d find in America. One for those who love their sandwiches absolutely loaded with fillings and full of flavour. Sure, don’t we all?

Sandwiches Europe

40th. Metropolitain – Amsterdam, Netherlands

They serve some of the best brunch in Amsterdam here with a wonderfully creative and tasty menu that has something for everybody. The ‘Croque Madame’ is classic in style, loaded with ham and cheese and – as if it wasn’t tasty enough on its own – the egg yolk oozing into the middle to create a natural sauce is just divine.

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Sandwiches Europe

39th. Levain – Helsinki, Finland

The key to their sandwiches is the bread about which is real sourdough bread baked in a stone sole oven. They bake their own bread and other products from early morning until late in the afternoon. It means that all their sandwiches are deliciously fresh, including their simple grilled ham and cheese. With bread this good you don’t need to do a lot more to it than that.

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Sandwiches Europe

38th. Zum Schwarzen Kameel – Vienna, Austria

This is a bar, restaurant, delicatessen and patisserie in a historic setting that sticks to Austrian traditions. The beauty here is that for about €1.50 you can pick and choose small sandwiches with traditional and unusual toppings including black pudding with cabbage, smoked fish and egg. A real sandwich lovers paradise with so much variety and creativity.

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Sandwiches Europe

37th. Mogg – Berlin, Germany

This old building was a school and hospital over the last century but is now home to Mogg, which opened 2012 and quickly established itself as an institute on the Berlin culinary scene. Their New York style pastrami sandwich was created by the owner because he couldn’t find similar in Germany. Every bit as good as anything you’ll find in New York.

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36th. Misto – Split, Croatia

Misto is the place to come in Split if you want some seriously wholesome comfort food. Their slow braised chicken sandwich with crunchy red cabbage and radish is the perfect combination of big juicy pieces of chicken served in their own home baked bread. A delight of a sandwich.

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Sandwiches Europe

35th. Street Gastro – Helsinki, Finland

Their whole concept is around street food but serving it up in a beautifully designed and slick space. Their sandwiches are stunningly presented and bursting full of flavour. If only all people took as much pride in their offering as this the world would be a much better place.

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Sandwiches Europe

34th. Holy Smoke – Brussels, Belgium

They cook their meat “low and slow” in true Texas BBQ style. The result is some of the tastiest sandwiches you could ever imagine. Pulled pork or brisket are smothered with the most amazing sauces and served up to perfection. You’ll be dreaming about the this for weeks after eating it.

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Sandwiches Europe

33rd. Entrepanes Díaz – Barcelona, Spain

You probably think you’ve had inventive sandwiches before, but unless you have eaten one here, think again. The star of the show is the calamari with squid ink mayonnaise which is a seafood lovers’ delight. They also have other wonderfully inventive toppings including oxtail and roast suckling pig.

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Sandwiches Europe

32nd. Sisters – Prague, Czech Republic

Chlebicky is a big treat in the country and is basically a traditional Czech open sandwich. The best way to eat it here is in the form of a large sharing platter with friends and ask the staff to give you a random selection of toppings. Absolutely mouth watering.

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Sandwiches Europe

31st. Nam Sandwich – Lyon, France

The French have a long history in the Orient and one of the best legacies of that is the Vietnamese style Banh Mi sandwich. It combines a wonderful French baguette with meat, pickles, cucumber, coriander and a spicy delicious sauce. This is the best one you’ll find in the entire country.

Sandwiches Europe

30th. Pistolet Original – Brussels, Belgium

The pistolet is a simple white roll that most Belgians eat daily. It’s what you put inside them that makes the sandwich. Pistolet Original serve a huge choice of fillings with locally sourced high quality toppings, like home-made steak tartare, salted pork hash with pickles, grey shrimps, cream cheese with radish and onions, gouda cheese with “witlof” and green salad, grey shrimp croquettes and sausage meat balls.

Once you taste this once you’ll be coming back for good.

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Sandwiches Europe

29th. Aamanns – Copenhagen, Denmark

Smørrebrød are pretty much the national dish of Denmark and as well as being super tasty they are also one of the prettiest looking sandwiches in the world. Especially when eaten here. As Aamanns say themselves; “Everything is made from scratch by solid craftmanship and only using seasonal ingredients”. Every time you come back here you’ll find something new, innovative and exciting.

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Sandwiches Europe

28th. Haggis Toastie, Deeney’s – London, England

Haggis may be the national dish in Scotland but it has made its way south of the border in spectacular fashion to Deeney’s two London location. They also serve them at pop up markets and events; once you get a taste of this all other sandwiches will pale into insignificance.

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Sandwiches Europe

27th. Il Forno Roscioli – Rome, Italy

They’ve been baking their own bread here for generations, with Pierluigi and Alessandro the latest to take over the family tradition. Sometimes a sandwich can be a complicated affair but they keep things super simple and focus on quality here. With bread this good all you need is a little olive oil and some mortadella.

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Sandwiches Europe

26th. Charles Sandwiches – Luxembourg, Luxembourg

This epic sandwich is meant to be shared and will feed up to four people (although you can just order it for one person as well). It features beef steak, Parmigiano, caramelized onions, dried tomatoes and mustard. You won’t be going home hungry after this one, that’s for sure.

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Sandwiches Europe

25th. Meat Love – Warsaw, Poland

Not only do they serve amazing chicken wings, slow cooked meats and epic cocktails, the sandwiches here are also at another level. They slow cook the ham, which when combined with their thick cut rye bread and wonderfully creamy house sauce means you will be transported to heaven.

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Sandwiches Europe

24th. Copper Deli – Bilbao, Spain

This chilled deli has a New York style feel to it and alongside delicious cakes and great coffee they serve up a truly epic sandwich. This is their vegan option, which features Rye bread, hummus, tofu, guacamole and slow dried tomatoes. You won’t even miss the meat for one second.

Sandwiches Europe

23rd. The York Roast Co – York, England

Where a roast dinner meats a sandwich. It’s a huge Yorkshire pudding which is then filled with a meat of your choosing, stuffing, veggies, roast potatoes and finished with gravy. You can eat it on the go as a wrap that has been grilled for extra crispiness. One of the best things you’ll ever eat.

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Sandwiches Europe

22nd. Mishte – Kosice, Slovakia

There’s a wonderful selection of grilled sandwiches in this casual dining spot. It feels like a fast food restaurant but the quality of their produce and love that goes into each sandwich is there for all to see. The do a wonderful Vietnamese style Banh Mi as well as a great grilled beef with Asian influences.

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Sandwiches Europe

21st. Cuban Sandwich Factory – Belfast, UK

Belfast might be the last place you’d expect to find a world class Cuban style sandwich but Cuban Sandwich Factory is so popular that it’s about to open its second location. The sambos are so good and so authentic that you might as well be sitting in Miami eating them. Come with an appetite though, as they are super filling.

Sandwiches Europe

20th. Bodega Montferry – Barcelona, Spain

Three simple ingredients is all it takes to make this delicious sandwich. Bread combined with Iberian chorizo and blue cheese. The roll is sightly grilled to melt the cheese so that all the flavours blend together. This sandwich will leave you wishing it was even bigger than it actually is, as every bite is a delight.

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Sandwiches Europe

19th. Baltic Bakehouse – Liverpool, UK

They bake what many say is the best bread in the city. Whether you’re calling for a just-baked sourdough, stopping off for a bacon butty en route to work, or catching up with friends over lunch, Baltic Bakehouse is a carb haven. Their specials are a joy including this house baked ham, pea purée and pea shoots on sourdough creation.

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Baltic Bakehouse jambon

18th. Duck Soup – Athens, Greece

Duck Soup serves up sandwiches on both baguette and focaccia breads with super imaginative toppings and ingredients that are always as fresh as you’ll find. You can create your own but we’d suggest pushing the boat out and trying one of their original suggestions. You won’t be disappointed.

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Duck Soup submarine

17th. Chez Alain Miam Miam – Paris, France

This place is best known for their crepes but their sandwiches are absolutely top drawer as well. You can have all the toppings in their savoury crepes but we suggest you go with their crunchy delicious bread. Be prepared to wait though, as word is well and truly out about just how good they are.

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Chez Alain Miam Miam In Europe

16th. Hungry Guy – Vienna, Austria

Hungry Guy is n by Eyal Guy who was born in Tel Aviv, has been cooking and eating in Vienna since 1989 and cooks what they call “East – West fusion”. They bake their own pittas and stuff them with some of the most succulent and delicious meat you will ever taste. Fresh and full of flavour.

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Hungry Guy Sandwiches In Europe

15th. Coffee Club – Paris, France

You’ll get a huge hearty meal in this American style cafe in the heart of Paris. The portion size is absolutely massive and it comes loaded with more chicken and bacon than you could shake a stick at. Along with their home made chips this really is one of the world’s great sandwiches.

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Coffee Club Sandwiches In Europe

14th. Café Santiago – Porto, Portugal

Order this truly unique sandwich that originates from Porto and translates as ‘little Frenchie’. It features ham, beef or sausage with white bread, which is then covered with a beer and cheese sauce and served with an egg yolk and chips. Ticks so many boxes and this is the best place to try it.

Café Santiago

13th. The Real Meat Society – Prague, Czech Republic

The Real Meat Society is primarily a butchers shop which is how they know to handle and cook the meat that fills their rolls so well. Look out for their porchetta style pork or the medium rare beef sandwich (below) which is served with simple pickles and mayo.

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Real Meat Society

12th. 147 Deli – Dublin, Ireland

147 Delis puts a huge emphasis on roasting their own meats and creating imaginative toppings that keep their customers coming back for the specials. Their sandwiches are packed full of flavour and big on portion size while still being perfectly formed and easy to eat. One worth travelling for.

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147 Del Sandwiches In Europe

11th. La Casa Tomada – Madrid, Spain

La Casa Tomada is serving up one of the tastiest Spanish sandwiches featuring deep fried onion rings with shredded red cabbage and a wonderful tangy sauce. The perfect mixture of soft and crunchy textures that make a truly great sandwich.

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La Casa Tomada Sandwiches In Europe

10th. Max’s Sandwich Shop – London, UK

One of the best known sandwich makers in the world, Max is so obsessed with sandwiches that he has written a whole book about then. To visit his cafe (try the daily specials would be our advice) is like a pilgrimage to a religious site dedicated to sandwiches. There should be a shop like Max’s on every corner in the world.

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Max's Sandwich Shop

9th. Toastable – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Now located in four cities across the Netherlands, they make sandwiches that are as pretty as they are tasty. There’s a big focus on grilled cheese style sandwiches but they also have a huge variety of other sandwiches on the menu, or you can make your own. Once you taste them once you’ll be hooked for life.

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Toastable Sandwich

8th. Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap – Berlin, Germany

One of the most famous Kebap shops in Berlin, this is worth every bit of the hype and attention it generates. You might have to queue for a while but once you get your sandwich you’ll realise the combination of super fresh ingredients and delicious meat is a match made in heaven. So good you’d nearly go back for a second.

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Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap

7th. Bors Gastro Bar – Budapest, Hungary

Bors is a casual dining spot that does great coffees, ice cream and other treats. It’s their sandwiches and wraps where they really shine, especially when creating weekly specials. Think smoked confit por, mangalica sausage crumbs, roasted bacon, grated cheese, savory paprika sour cream and all finished with herbs. An absolute explosion of taste.

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Bors Gastro Bar Sandwich

6th. – Bolero Meatballs – Madrid, Spain

As the name suggests they are famous for one thing and one thing only here. Their meatballs are big, fat and juicy and when combined with a rich tomato sauce, plenty of melted cheese and a perfectly crispy bread roll you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about. A simply terrific sandwich.

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Bolero Meatballs Sandwich

5th. Sandhäxan – Stockholm, Sweden

If you want one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches you have ever tasted in your life then this is the spot to head to. They make it with Scamorza and Parmesan cheeses, add some hot sauce to spice it up, fry it and serve it with chips. You might need to go to the gym after eating it but every single bite will be worth it. Unreal.

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Sandhäxan Sandwich

4th. Northern Soul – Manchester, UK

Their grilled cheese sandwich is the stuff of legend in Manchester and far beyond. For something even more over the top add in Mac & Cheese to double the size of the sandwich. Get in the queue and lick those lips because you are about to eat something that will quite simply take your breath away.

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Northern Soul

3rd. Mastro Ciccio – Bari, Italy

Some of the most wonderfully sourced ingredients make these sandwiches among the best in the world. From the fresh tomatoes to the Apulian mozzarella di bufala and fresh basil this is a taste sensation. The sandwiches here are fresh beyond belief and wildly popular.

Mastro Ciccio

2nd. The Dusty Knuckle – London, UK

The Dusty Knuckle started their business in a 40 foot steel container and have grown from there to become one of the best bakeries in the UK. Their sandwiches are super inventive including this beauty which features chargrilled asparagus, soft boiled egg, toasted almonds, and sprinkled dill on sourdough. Perfect summer eating.

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The Dusty Knuckle

1st. Osteria All’antico Vinaio – Florence, Italy

Porchetta (slow cooked pork with crackling) sandwiches are one of the world’s great pleasures and you won’t eat any better than here. It’s a wildly popular sandwich shop that does lots of different toppings and specials but you’d be wise to stick with the classic porchetta. So tender and so delicious.

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Osteria All'antico Vinaio

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