Choosing the best time to visit South Beach, Miami is the key to a great trip. This part of Florida enjoys a subtropical climate, meaning it’s usually warm year-round but can be a bit rainy. Each season comes with pros and cons so the below should help in deciding the ideal time to visit.

For most, the ideal time to visit is from April through mid-May. The sun shines with temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s. However, later in May through the summer, temperature and humidity rises, as do the chances of thunderstorms. That being said, if budgeting is your priority, both hotel and flight rates tend to decrease come summertime.

Fall can also be nice, but again, tropical storms and hurricanes can lurk around any corner. Winter is cool and windy. Although the water can be considered too cold for most so if you’re an avid swimmer and water sports lover – this isn’t the ideal time for you.

Atlantic hurricane season runs from June to November so bear that in mind when planning. Due to overall weather unpredictability, we recommend checking forecasts a week in advance of and the days leading up to your trip. Pack umbrellas and light rain jackets if needs be.