Best Burgers In Brisbane

The 7 Best Burgers In Brisbane

It’s not news that Australia is absolutely full of some of the tastiest, juiciest and most mouthwatering burgers in the world – we recently announced the country’s 50 best burgersBut now we have the latest ranking of Brisbane with a couple new additions…

From juicy stacks piled high with toppings in CBD to a simple-yet-tasty cheeseburger that you can fit in one hand in Fortitude Valley, these are the city’s most irresistible burger joints.

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1. Ze Pickle

Ze Pickle go above and beyond when it comes the best burgers in Brisbane, pushing the boundaries of what goes onto a burger, and oh-boy are we glad they’re so crazy. The Kanye’s Mum burger has a pressed wagyu beef patty, maple bacon, fried cheese sticks, smoked jalapeños, ze fries, jack cheeze and truffle butter. YES.

The best burgers in Brisbane

2. Mr Burger

This beloved Melbourne food truck now also has a truck in Brisbane, so it’s not just Melbournians who can enjoy a Mr Burger. One of the city’s tastiest American-style burgers, they keep things simple yet perfect. Be sure to order the Trucker Chips (fries loaded with cheese, diced bacon and sauce).

Mr Burger in Brisbane

3. Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co 

Betty’s Burgers has locations all across the state and is always a fun place to come and eat. It’s super kid friendly and just keep in mind that once you’ve had the burger you’ll be hard pressed not to try their killer desserts.

Betty’s Burger in Brisbane

4. Red Hook

A droolworthy New York-inspired eatery and bar, Red Hook opened in August 2014. They serve amazing tacos, wings and dogs but it’s their burgers that are the real king of the show.

Red Hook Hamburger

5. Charboys Burgers

If you’re a big fan of In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys then this bad boy is the burger for you. Juicy patties come squished between soft, buttery brioche buns, but it’s the secret sauce that makes it. The sauce appears on every burger ranging from the classic cheese and double pattie, to the lentil, southern fried chicken and brekkie burgers.

Charboys Burger in Brisbane

6. Getta Burger 

Getta Burger opened in 2008 and it’s not hard to see why they now have 14 stores around Queensland. It might be a chain, but every store feels like a local hub, with staff who go above and beyond.

Getta Burger

7. Greaser

A proper dive bar with really great cocktails, super friendly staff and a great vibe. That’s all well and good, but it’s when the burger comes out that you know what the place is really all about. Pure lipsmacking stuff.

Best burgers Brisbane


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