best burgers Aarhus

The 7 Best Burgers In Aarhus

The simple hamburger is easily one of the tastiest creations in the world; juicy, meaty and always reliable, it’s a relief for fellow greedy guts to know that the burgers in Aarhus are some of the best in Denmark.

From the huge and monstrous burgers packed with toppings; street vendors cooking up simple patties right through to fine dining restaurants with their gourmet take on this American snack, we’ve come up with a list that has something for everybody.

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1. The Burger Shack

The Burger Shack offers a unique taste experience with their tasty and award-winning burgers, parmesan and thyme french fries and their deep-fried chicken. But it’s all about those burgers in our mind – they’re made from scratch with fresh ingredients, Danish free-range cattle and homebaked buns. Simply delicious.

2. Burger Boom

Burger Boom is no doubt one of the best burgers in Aarhus. Their ‘farm to table’ concept means the ingredients are outstanding, with a creative menu to boot. Burgers come served medium, and the meat is incredibly juicy and flavourful. There’s also a tender Southern fried chicken burger in a crispy panko crust!

3. Havnens Perle

‘The Pearl of the Habour’ is famous for its towering, overflowing feast of a burger. You’ll find Denmark’s best ‘bøfsandwich’ (burger with gravy) at the waterfront, where this local favourite restaurant has resided since 1962. You’ll want to come with a serious appetite for this one.

The Best Burgers In Denmark

4. Kødstadens Burger Joint

This burger joint goes above and beyond when it comes to premium ingredients. All their beef comes from local suppliers, and they even smoke their own bacon in-house. Burgers are dripping with juice and flavour, and come topped with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickled cucumbers, mayo, ketchup and sweet mustard.

The Best Burgers In Denmark

5. Grillen

Grillen Burger specialises in juicy burgers with good ingredients that won’t break the bank. Go for the Pablo: a cheeseburger with salad, pickled red onions, spicy cheese bombs & Grillen’s Mayo, and be sure to try one of their shakes.

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6. Sharks

Sharks Diner is an American-style diner and pool hall, and is hugely popular for its juicy burgers. Go for a classic cheeseburger with Port Salut, or go all out with the Las Vegas All-In: 400grams of tender beef, with fresh salad, tomato, red onion, bacon, double cheddar and scrambled eggs.

And yes, they do taste just as delicious as they look.

best burgers Aarhus

7. Highway 51 Diner

This fun diner at Memphis Mansion, a mighty ode to Elvis, has delicious menus inspired by the food of the Southern states. This includes huge burgers, which all come with free refills of crispy fries. Yep, it’s all-you-can-eat fries!

Burger creations include the Memphis Soul Burger with melted cheddar cheese, soft onions flipped in HP sauce and deep fried onion rings.

best burgers Aarhus

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