Best Burgers in Arlington Texas

The 7 Best Burgers in Arlington, Texas

The Lone Star State knows a lot about good burgers. The massive state of Texas is filled with mouth-watering burgers at nearly every corner, but you’ll find some of the best burgers in Arlington, Texas.

Located just west of Dallas and known mostly by tourists as home to the great Six Flags Over Texas theme park, there’s actually a lot more to Arlington than roller coasters and the Dallas Cowboys.

Interested in trying Texas-sized burger bites? Here’s where you can find the seven best burgers in Arlington, Texas.

Best Burgers In Arlington, TexasHow do these rankings work?

1. BurgerFI

This eco-minded chain serves delicious grass-fed 100% Angus beef that is never frozen! Some all-time favourites are the BurgerFi Burger double and the CEO burger.

Apart from burgers, they serve delicious fries! The Urban Fries must be ordered from the secret menu (not really secret), are dusted with parmesan and herbs, and covered in a creamy garlic aioli!

2. Tom’s Burgers and Grill

With over 20 different burger options, it’s hard to deny that Tom’s Burgers and Grill serves up some of the best burgers in Arlington, Texas.

Their burgers are so delicious that, even though the place is known for breakfast foods and chicken fried states, locals make it out just for their burgers in the evening too. Try their famous BBQ Burger and let the tastes of Texas take you away to foodie paradise.

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Arlington Texas

3. Burger Extreme

Look at any list of the best burgers in Arlington and you’ll always see Burger Extreme at the top, and for a good reason. Their burgers are some of the biggest we’ve ever seen.

Order their Monster Extreme Cheese Burger and prepare to devour it with a friend or two. It’s got so many layers and such height that you’d think you’re scaling Mt. Everest.

Largest Burgers in Texas

4. Grease Monkey

You better bet that any burger joint in Texas is going to use lots of local Southwest flavours in their burgers, and that’s exactly what Grease Monkey does.

One of their most popular burgers is the Angry Burger, which comes topped with roasted green chilli peppers, fried jalapenos, chipotle mayo, and pepper jack cheese. It’s hot, hot, hot but also oh-so-scrumptious.

Their sweet sourdough bun truly rounds out the flavour profile, making it one of the best burgers in Arlington, Texas for sure.

Image: D Magazine

5. Mr. B’s Burger Pub

Mr. B’s Burger Pub serves up such quality that you’d never know that it’s run by a hardworking local family. Their menu gives it away, however, as most of their burgers are named after family members, which we feel adds to the charm of the restaurant.

If you love cheese, then definitely check out the Haley burger. It’s got American, Swiss, Cheddar-jack, Pepper-jack and Mozzarella cheeses.

6. Kincaid’s 

Kincaid’s has been a hometown favourite for locals in Arlington since 1946. And, the decor there doesn’t seem to have changed much since then either, which we find adds to the overall dining experience.

It feels as if you’re pulling up to a 1940s American diner but with modern-day quality and taste.  Kincaid’s somehow manages to pack a lot of flavour into each bite. What looks like a simple burger is anything but.

Classic Burger Shops in Texas

7. Chapp’s Burgers

The people behind Chapp’s Burgers like to say that their success is all due to their secret sauce… That’s hard work and lots of dedication. While we’re not sure about how that kind of sauce might taste, we’re here to tell you that their hard work pays off.

Their savoury burgers are made of 100% all-natural Black Angus beef and they’re so thick that it’s hard to fit them all in your mouth in one bite. We especially love that you create your own burger. There’s no real menu, just a list of toppings and choices.

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