Best burgers in Bari, Italy

The 7 Best Burgers In Bari

While Italy is home to some of the best food in the world, sometimes you need to change it up from rich pasta and cheeses. Try these best burgers in Bari.

You’ll find the Italian culinary quality carries over to this American dish too.

Best burgers in Bari, ItalyHow do these rankings work?

1. Flower Burger

This chic and casual vegan haunt is a favourite for a reason. The burgers are served up on colourful buns and pack a ton of flavour. The fries are crisp, and don’t forget to choose a sauce to top them off with too. Order a Cherry Bomb with a beet-coloured pink bun.

Best Bari burgers in Italy

2. Factory Pub

Factory Pub is another good pick for a juicy burger and a good beer selection. The staff is very friendly and helpful, but the outfit gets busy. So, make a reservation if you have a larger group. Try their shareable small plates too.

Best Bari burgers in Italy

3. Grill Burger House Bari

This hamburger house fills up quickly, so go early. Build your own burger or order from the gourmet burger menu. Their ingredients are high quality, and the burgers are stacked high with great toppings. Do not, however, expect American-style French fries as these are thinly sliced and less crisp.

Best Bari burgers in Italy

4. Le Véronique Einaudi

This sleek and cosy restaurant is open late. They have great outdoor seating and a menu that goes well beyond burgers to include fresh salads and even crepes. There’s a great selection of burgers and the house-made potato chips are delicious. Take a look at the daily menu too for specials.

5. District Fatti Prendere

This casual burger outfit is located outside of the city center and is a good option for fast and casual dining. The menu is expansive and includes vegetarian options too. There are even other dishes like wings and other sandwiches too.

6. Canarute

Located near the ferry port, this is a great option for a quick bite before hopping on a boat or even to take with you on the ferry trip. The service is fast and good. There’s a wide selection of burgers to choose from and great beer choices on tap too. Order the Papruss burger.

7. Mastro Ciccio

This little sandwich shop is also near the ferry port and is incredibly popular. They have a wide variety of dine-in and takeaway sandwiches to choose from, including one tasty burger. There are vegetarian paninis too, but for something different, try the U Mar which is an octopus panini.

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