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The 7 Best Burgers In Baton Rouge

In this hard-working state, everyone makes their style of the classic American dish, the burger, and everyone’s style is different. But if there is one food that is the most pervasive staple it is the burgers in Baton Rouge.

Check out our seven best places for burgers in Baton Rouge.

The Best Burgers in Baton RougeHow do these rankings work?

1. Fat Cow Burgers

Pretty close to the LSU campus is one of the more hip places you will find for a burger. At Fat Cow Burgers, they serve in-house ground Angus beef patties that is incredibly juicy and thick in their burgers here.

For extra juiciness, try their Bacon Cheeseburger at Fat Cow Burgers. Get it with duck fat fries too for that extra umami flavour.

Fat Cow Burgers

2. George’s

Everybody knows a George and everybody in Baton Rouge knows of George’s for their burgers. It is a place that is loved by the community for their burgers that are stacked with toppings and ones that aren’t normally on burgers.

Like the Heavy Hit Burger which includes slices of avocado!

George's Burgers

3. The Overpass Merchant

For times when that fast-food burger just won’t cut it, come and get a gourmet burger at The Overpass Merchant. The meat in the burger is a blend of brisket and short rib and together, they make an excellent juicy team!

Try the amazing Overpass Burger which also comes with cheese, bacon, and an egg.

The Overpass Merchant Baton Rouge

4. Our Mom’s Restaurant & Bar

If the name of this restaurant doesn’t sound inviting enough, what will? Who wouldn’t want to go to Our Mom’s Restaurant & Bar? Just like mom’s cooking, this place is a no-frills type of restaurant that serves some of the juiciest and messiest burgers in town.

Let Mom know how much you love her take on the burger here, will ya?

Our Mom's Restaurant & Bar

5. Burgersmith

One of the newer burger restaurants in Baton Rouge is Burgersmith. People who love a bit (or a lot!) of spice in their burgers will love the burgers that Burgersmith cooks up. They also offer a variety of different meats for your burger, such as bison and lamb.

If you can handle the heat, get one of their infamous spicy burgers here.

Burgersmith Burgers in Baton Rouge

6. Mason’s Grill

For a different take on the classic American burger, come to Mason’s Grill. Known for their brunch, this place serves up some tasty Cajun Shrimp Burger! It’s loaded with a jalapeno-stuffed patty with shrimp and more jalapenos if you can believe it!

You definitely have to try a bit of Southern cuisine with their Cajun Shrimp Burger.


7. Louie’s Cafe

One of LSU students’ most favourite place for burgers for decades is Louie’s Cafe. This place is an institution in Baton Rouge and has all your greasy food needs, including burgers, covered here.

Blend in with the students here and get a massive Big Cheesy Lou burger at Louie’s Cafe.

Louie's Cafe Burgers in Baton Rouge

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