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The 7 Best Burgers In Beijing

While the main cuisine in Beijing is obviously Chinese food, they also dabble and excel in other areas of foods as well. One of those areas is in the greatness of the burgers in Beijing.

Juicy meat from Australia and America lends itself perfectly to their classic – and creative – burger creations.

Here are seven of the best places to go for burgers in Beijing.

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1. Slow Boat Brewery and Taproom

Slow Boat produces one of the tastier burgers among the other brewpubs here in Beijing. They have a bit of a reputation in Beijing for making one of the best burgers in town, for its sheer tastiness and uniqueness.

The burger with the reputation is the Fryburger, which features a tender beef patty stacked with beer-battered fries and some amazing, homemade aioli sauce!

Slow Boat Brewery Taproom Burger

2. Q Mex Bar & Grill

Q Mex Bar & Grill is a Mexican-theme restaurant that also produces fantastic burgers among their different Tex-Mex food offerings. Their burgers are especially known for being a bit bigger than normal burgers, so you’ll definitely feel more than full after a burger here.

Try their Double Burger which includes two beef patties, double the cheese, a dollop of mayo, and their special dressing.

Q Mex Bar & Grill Burger Beijing

3. Great Leap Brewing

Great Leap Brewing made the list as one of our seven best bars in Beijing but we might have forgot to tell you that they also make some bomb burgers! Their burgers have no frills to them; just a good ol’ burger that is made to juicy perfection.

Enjoy some great comfort food with your brews here and get their Double Patty Cheeseburger, Australian beef patties with American cheese.

Great Leap Brewing Burger Beijing

4. The Local

The Local does its part in producing some of their best take on the American classic: the cheeseburger. The beef and cheese are imported from America, so it’s almost as if you’re eating this burger in America, than in China.

Come here for the cheeseburger but for more adventurous tastes, give their Spicy Dry Rub Avocado Burger a go. Definitely as interesting and tasty as it sounds.

The Local Beijing

5. Cannon’s Burger

Cannon’s Burger is a diner-style burger joint that has opened up multiple locations in Beijing thanks to the great reviews of their burgers. Their burgers are creative but does not stray away from the mainstay ingredients in your classic burger.

Case in point: the Cannonator Burger. In it, you get two Angus beef patties with cheese, mushrooms, bacon, and topped off with a fried egg.

Cannon's Burger in Beijing

6. Jing-A Brewery

Jing-A Brewery is another brewery in Beijing that does the classic comfort food, the hamburger, extremely well. Known more for their beer, the glowing reviews of their burgers is leading some guests here to try their burgers over the beers now.

Their Cheeseburger, which really should be called a Bacon Cheeseburger, is a tasty cheeseburger with the secret and star ingredient of house-smoked bacon.

Jing-A Burger

7. 3 Little Pigs by Andy’s Craft Sausages

3 Little Pigs makes perhaps the best chili cheeseburger you will ever have. This award-winning burger is the primary reason that people come to 3 Little Pigs and keep coming back after.

Definitely come here for their Chili Cheeseburger and prepare to be blown away by it.

3 Little Pigs Burger

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