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The 7 Best Burgers In Buffalo

As one of the bigger cities in the state of New York, Buffalo has a good food scene and they do burgers really well here. You can find them just about anywhere in from pubs to bars & grills and gastropubs, there’s a burger in Buffalo somewhere and everywhere.

Devour the best burgers at these seven spots in Buffalo.

The Best Burgers in BuffaloHow do these rankings work?

1. Allen Burger Venture

One of the best places to get a gourmet burger in Buffalo is definitely at Allen Burger Venture. They really take the burger game to the next level here and like to experiment with using different ingredients in their burgers.

Try a Spanish Chorizo Burger or for more adventurous tastes, how about the Colorado Lamb Burger?

Allen Burger Venture Buffalo

2. Grover’s Bar & Grill

Grover’s Bar & Grill is more infamously known in Buffalo as that place that Guy Fieri came to for his TV show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. But it’s because the burgers here are good right? CORRECT! The burgers here are amazing and tasty!

Be like Guy and get some of that “flavourbomb” in their burgers at Grover’s.

Grover's Bar & Grill Buffalo

3. Juicy Burger Bar

For the ultimate comfort food, try a burger at Juicy Burger Bar. Their menu is full of delicious burger varieties, including a hybrid between a sandwich and a burger, with their Grilled-Cheese Burger.

We suggest you give the Hogzilla Burger a try here, but bring a hefty appetite with you!

Juicy Burger Bar Buffalo

4. Big Ditch Brewing Company

More known for their fantastic beers that can be found all over Buffalo, Big Ditch Brewing Company also makes a mean burger too. You’ll have to come on down to their downtown location to try it but we promise you, they are incredibly flavourful and go well with their beers!

Try their heavenly Cheddar Bacon Burger that has a slight kick to it thanks to the spicy mayonnaise.

Big Ditch Brewing Company

5. Wellington Pub

At Wellington Pub, you can find some really outrageous and adventurous burgers, especially on Tuesday nights when it’s Crazy Burger Night here. Aside from the silliness, the burgers here are unique, fantastic, and delicious.

Try their Top of the Morning burger that comes with three pieces of bacon, ham, and an egg on the burger.

Wellington Pub Buffalo

6. SoHo Burger Bar

Another option for a gourmet burger in Buffalo is at the hip SoHo Burger Bar. Their menu is full of tasty varieties of burgers, each with their own little twist to make it really stand out and pop. The presentation is on point here too as it comes on a solid wood cutting board complete with fries and a pickle.

For people who like their burgers spicy, give their Red Hot Chili Burger a try. Aside from the intense heat, it’s absolutely delicious!

SoHo Burger Bar Buffalo

7. Griffon Gastropub

Griffon Gastropub is a brewbar that is known for their amazing beers and burgers. If you’ve ever tried surf n’ turf before, why not have it in a burger? Griffon Gastropub brings the best of the ocean and the best of land in this one-of-a-kind burger.

If you’re here, you must try the Surf N’ Turf Burger which comes with lobster and crab cake!

Griffon Gastropub

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