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The 7 Best Burgers In Cairo

One thing that you may not have known about Cairo is that they make some really fantastic burgers here. Many burger joints take this American classic and either try to make it better or put their own culture’s spin on it. In either case, it makes for some great burgs in Cairo.

These are the seven best places for burgers in Cairo.

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1. Butcher’s Burger

Butcher’s Burger is an American-style restaurant that incorporates some unique flavours into their burgers. They have a wide variety of burgers to choose from on their menu and you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

If you came here with an appetite, try their Mighty Butcher Burger, which is bacon cheeseburger with onions and jalapeños.

Butcher's Burger Cairo

2. Mince

We won’t mince our words here (sorry!), Mince’s burgers are fantastic and they serve up burgers that incorporates Egyptian flavours. They also have burgers available for all three meals of the day, including their infamous Breakfast Burger.

For an interesting take, give their Breakfast Burger a try. It comes loaded with fried eggs and fried beans.

Mince Burgers

3. Willy’s Kitchen

Willy’s Kitchen just might make the messiest burgers in Cairo, but don’t let that prevent you from coming here. It’s only messy because their burgers burst with flavours and are incredibly tasty (and saucy!).

A favourite burger here is their Smokehouse BBQ Burger so give that a go while you’re here.

Willy's Kitchen in Cairo

4. Lucille’s

The burgers at Lucille’s was once named by TIME magazine as the best in the world. While that was over ten years ago, today, they still make, arguably, the best and juiciest burgers in Cairo. The secret ingredient to their burgers just might be their homemade sauces that provide unique flavours.

Give their enormous Colossus Double Patty Burger a shot and see if your appetite is big enough to finish this burger!

Image: @@egyfoodies/Instagram

5. The Burger Factory

The Burger Factory has only been open in Cairo for a few years now, but they are known for the incredible flavours in their burgers. They have an eclectic menu to say the least with a Moroccan Burger and Cowboy Burger being on the list. But they do make some excellent burgers that are worth your time.

Cheeselovers will be happy to try their Cheezy Cheeseburger which is a burger loaded with cheddar, Swiss, and blue cheeses.

The Burger Factory Cairo

6. Buffalo Burger

Buffalo Burger is actually a burger chain in Cairo but they make the best burgers for a chain restaurant. Like most chains, they stick to regular burgers and don’t have any crazy variations here. But if you’re going to a chain store for burgers, skip out on McDonald’s and come to Buffalo Burger instead.

Try their Animal Style Burger which includes onion rings inside the burger!

Buffalo Burger Cairo

7. Daddy’s Burger

Daddy’s Burger serves up some big-boy burgers in Cairo. The burger patties here are thicker than most dads out there so it’s safe to say you’ll definitely be full after a burger here.

Give their Bacon Blue Cheese Burger a try here.

Daddy's Burger Cairo

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