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The 7 Best Burgers In Connecticut

This was a tough challenge, but you now have a list to work your way through that is going to be absolutely delicious… Some of the best food include the burgers in Connecticut that are amazingly tasty and fresh.

Check out the seven best burgers in Connecticut.

Best Burgers in ConnecticutHow do these rankings work?

1. GoldBurgers

For some of the best, made-to-order burgers in all of Connecticut, come to GoldBurgers. Their patties are made from their own secret blends that are freshly made and prepared and cooked with incredible flavour and topped off with some fresh toppings.

If you’re adventurous, give the MacPatty Burger a try as it is topped with fresh nacho cheese and has a kick from the jalapenos.

Goldburgers Connecticut

2. Burgers, Shakes, and Fries

Does anything sound more appealing than a hearty combo of Burgers, Shakes, and Fries? Get all three and all three done right at this classic Connecticut joint. The burgers here come on a traditional patty-melt-style toasted white bread to go with their fresh ground beef.

Treat yourself to a customisable burger on toasted white bread and make a meal of it with a side of fries and a shake.

Burgers Shakes and Fries

3. Louis’ Lunch

Similar to Burgers, Shakes, and Fries, Louis’ Lunch also specialises in the hamburger sandwich with the only exception being that it was created at this local joint back in 1900. Since then, Louis’ Lunch has been serving up these magnificent and hearty ‘sandwiches’ in Connecticut that come with a medium-well cooked burger patty and cheese, tomato, and onions.

Swing by the OG hamburger sandwich shop in Connecticut for your fix of this fantastic burger.

Louis' Lunch

4. Ted’s Restaurant

Ted’s Restaurant has been a mainstay restaurant in Connecticut for over half a century. While they make many great items, the best of the best here has to be their moist and fresh, steamed-cheeseburger.

The steamed cheeseburger is the way to go here at Ted’s and it comes with cheddar cheese, onion, mustard and pickles.

Ted's Restaurant Connecticut

5. ShadyGlen

For a true throwback diner, you’ll experience that and some great burgers at ShadyGlen. Nothing shady about Glen’s and their cheeseburgers are simply amazing at this cute and charming retro diner.

You’ll feel like you’re transported back in time at ShadyGlen’s so might as well enjoy one of their delicious cheeseburgers that features cheese that oozes down the sides of the burger.

ShadyGlen Burgers

6. Prime Burger

Prime Burger is a regional burger chain in Connecticut that features some of the best burgers in the state. Many citizens prefer Prime Burger over other big-name national chain burger stores and for good reason. It features local meat and has that fast food feel to the burger, with the only exception is that it belongs in Connecticut.

Try any one of the burgers here at Prime and compare them to any large burger chains. Do you think it tastes better than the big-name chains?

Prime Burger

7. Hapa Food Truck

By far the most unique burger in the state of Connecticut is in a food truck: the connecHapa Food Truck. Combining Asian fusion with American street food, the result is a burger that looks unlike any other burger you’ve had before. That’s because their signature is the burger with the purple buns!

The Hapa Burger, the one with the purple brioche buns, are made with purple yams and has a sweet consistency to it. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic burger and a must-try!

Hapa Food Truck Burgers

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