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The 7 Best Burgers In Darwin

On the lookout for the best burgers in Darwin? From overflowing stacks to simple cheeseburgers, we’ve got you covered for a great feast.

Given the range of amazing produce on offer – coupled with world class chefs – it’s hardly surprising that the standard of Australian burgers is off the charts. Darwin is no different.

Ready for a feast?

Best burgers in DarwinHow do these rankings work?

1. Good Thanks

Opened in October 2017, Good Thanks is, as they say themselves, a “celebration of all things weird, peddling a finely curated mix delicious food, alcohol, music and skullduggery”. Sample their great selection of beers to go along with the world class burgers.

2. Lola’s Pergola

Sitting out at Lola’s Pergola, eating a burger with a cold beer to counter that local heat, is one of life’s great pleasures. The burgers are so big you might need to get the knife and fork out at some stage!

3. Melissa’s 

This is a no-frills, all-flavour takeaway joint that’s a stalwart of Darwin’s food scene.

Their works burger comes loaded with cheese, beetroot and onions. Can’t handle their hefty regular burgers? They also do tasty ‘American-style’ burgers, with shortcut bacon, double cheddar cheese in a super soft milk bun.

4. The Chook Shed

Yep, as the name suggests this is a chicken place but they also do a great range of burgers. Their chickens are cooked in a rotisserie, basted in their own juices ensuring a moist, delicious meat that’s perfect sandwiched inbetween the soft buns.

You can also chow down on a juicy rump steak burger, lamb or fish.

best burgers Darwin

5. The Precinct

The Precinct is a lively pub with a cute outdoor garden and seriously juicy burgers that you’ll return for time and time again. They serve their burgers for lunch only, but they’re worth coming early for.

Feast on crispy Southern style chicken, juicy beef with bacon, lettuce and tomato or a buffalo burger with ‘drunken onion’s. Drool.

best burgers Darwin

6. Six Tanks Brew Co.

This local beer joint is all about good drinks and great food, and the burgers are a real highlight. Juicy ‘n cheesy beef burgers come with fried onions and crispy fries, while the halloumi burger is vegetarian-heaven.

Wash it all down with one of their 26 craft beers on tap. Burgers in Darwin don’t get much better than this.

best burgers Darwin

7. Frying Nemo

How good does wild-caught NT seafood such as barramundi, jewfish, king threadfin, rock cod and blacktip shark sound? Frying Nemo is a fish and chip shop that also does incredible burgers.

They serve simple-but-delicious beef burgers that are full of flavour.

best burgers Darwin
Image: @burgersofdarwin/Instagram
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