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The 7 Best Burgers In Delaware

It can be hard to overlook the state of Delaware as it juts out of a peninsula on the northeastern side of the United States. But, what you can’t do is not enjoy some delicious burgers in Delaware, as they do it extremely well over there.

This was a tough challenge, but you now have a list to work your way through that is going to be absolutely delicious

Here are the seven best burgers in Delaware.

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1. Kid Shelleen’s Charcoal House

The award-winning burgers at Kid Shelleen’s have been a staple for burger lovers in Delaware for years. They are especially known for their char-grilled burgers that have been perfected and craved by many burger lovers.

Try a hearty Saloon Burger that comes with local mushrooms to go with the char-grilled tastiness of their burgers.

Kid Shelleen's Burgers

2. Ulysses Gastropub

For some of the best burgers in all of Delaware, you need to head to Ulysses Gastropub. Made with a certain craft flair, their specialty burgers are absolutely some of the best you’ll ever have!

For a really tender and juicy burger, try their Angus Burger that is made with insanely mouthwatering duck fat!

Ulysses Gastropub Delaware

3. 8th & Union

Labelled as one of the best brunch spots in America by the Food Network, the burgers at 8th & Union are some of their tastiest grub. They offer six supremely tasty burgers and even a vegan and vegetarian-friendly burger for veggie lovers as well.

Give their Smokey Burger a try here as it comes loaded with gouda cheese, aioli sauce, barbeque sauce, and chipotle jam. What a mix!

8th & Union

4. Restaurant 55

Restaurant 55 serves up some of Delaware’s best craft burgers and beers. They have an excellent selection of over 10 rotating local taps on hand to go along with over 15 different burgers to try.

Beer and burgers at Restaurant 55. What an amazing combination!

Restaurant 55

5. Grub Burger Bar

Grub Burger Bar makes some fantastic craft burgers in Delaware and the focus here is on ingredients that aren’t commonly found in burgers such as Thai peanut and Sambal Mayonnaise. Patrons here love the burgers and their skinny fries that go along with them which makes for a fantastic combo meal.

If you are more of an adventurous burger eater, you’ll find something very tasty and different at Grub Burger Bar.

Grub Burger Bar

6. Wayback Burgers

Wayback Burgers was originally known as Jake’s Burgers is a great chain that is incredibly popular in Delaware. Their burgers are made to perfection and people who enjoy their burgers are huge fans of their Wayback Gold sauce that just ties the entire burger very well together.

Give their Double Cheeseburger a try and spice it up and ask for some jalapenos to go on your burger too.

Wayback Burgers

7. RedFire Grill & Steakhouse

Known more for their steaks, RedFire Grill & Steakhouse is also known for being voted as the best burger in Delaware. Some burger aficionados say their burgers are next level in terms of a burger flavour profile.

Try the award-winning RedFire Burger. It comes with bacon bits, tons of cheese, and capped off with homemade thousand island dressing/sauce.

RedFire Grill Delaware

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