The 7 Best Dubrovnik Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers in Dubrovnik

While burgers in Dubrovnik may not be one of the first things you think of for food options, it should be! Take a break from all that (delicious) fresh seafood and creamy cheeses, and just pig out.

There are a host of great places that serve up some surprisingly tasty and filling burgers in this city.

These are the best places to catch a good ol’ burger at in Dubrovnik.

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1. Fast Food Republic

Located in the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik, Fast Food Republic serves up some of the best burgers in Dubrovnik. Their beef patties are made with 100% Croatian beef and are just as tasty as any regular beef patty you’ve had.

Come here for a regular burger or if you’re feeling adventurous, try their Octopus burger.

Fast Food Republic burgers in Dubrovnik

2. Preša

Preša is also located in Old Town Dubrovnik and the shop’s name is loosely translated as “being late”. Don’t be late to Preša however, since their lower prices means some items may be sold out before they close.

Stop by here for one of their tasty Bacon Cheeseburgers before you continue on your day of sightseeing.

Preša Burgers in Dubrovnik

3. Peppers Eatery

Peppers Eatery is a trendy little spot that offers some of the best bistro food in Dubrovnik. They have a wide variety of foods you can try here, but their interesting burgers are a must-try here.

Come to Peppers Eatery for their Pulled Duck Burger or the Lamb Patty Burger for a bit of a different spin on your regular burger.

Peppers Eatery hamburgers

4. Pantarul

Pantarul which translates to fork in Croatian, is a Dubrovnik institution for a restaurant that cooks their food based on seasonal ingredients. From fresh seafood caught in the sea to meat brought in locally, the quality here is always top notch.

Get their Gourmet Burger, which is a decadent burger that has oozing and melting cheese dripping off its sides.

Pantarul Hamburger

5. Barba

One of Dubrovnik’s favourite burgers is the octopus burger and Barba does it the best in Dubrovnik. Barba specialises in seafood, which is caught daily, and the result is some interesting seafood burgers.

You must definitely order their Octopus Burger here, which is served on two pieces of black squid ink burger buns.

Dubrovnik's favorite burger

6. Restaurant Panorama

Restaurant Panorama is what you would expect of a restaurant that offers sweeping panoramic views of beautiful Dubrovnik. Sitting almost 800 metres above the city, the views and burgers here are equally as breathtaking.

Get their Premium Beef Burger here, which is your standard burger that’s topped off with crispy bacon and an egg.

Premium Beef Burger in Dubrovnik

7. Above 5 Rooftop Restaurant

Above 5 Rooftop Restaurant also sits high above the city walls of Dubrovnik and offers fantastic views. Also fantastic here is the quality of food, especially their burgers.

There is only one burger you can order here and it is the Above 5 Burger but it is fantastic. The burger is with special beef, Rubia Gallega, that is native to a small-town in northern Spain.

burgers dubrovnik


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