The 7 Best Burgers In El Paso

The 7 Best Burgers In El Paso

Holy moly, if there’s one type of food that El Paso does great, it just might be their burgers. You won’t find a shortage of restaurants that serve burgers in El Paso, and many of them are fantastic. But we hear ya – you want the best. 

We’ve rounded up the city’s essential burger bites, from smokey BBQ-style to classic cheeseburgers.

These are the seven best burgers in El Paso.

The best burgers in El PasoHow do these rankings work?

1. Border Burger Bar

Border Burger Bar serves locals with quality burgers made with fresh ground beef that is juicy and tender. The burgers here are made with an international focus as you can get Korean, Italian, and Japanese-inspired burgers, to name a few.

You must get the El Paso Burger here at Border Burger Bar. The secret ingredient in this burger is the heavenly El Paso sauce!

Border Burger Bar in El Paso

2. Rosco’s Burger Inn

Rosco’s Burger Inn serves one of the best burgers in El Paso all from the comfort of their no-nonsense counter-top burger joint. When we say no-nonsense, that also applies to their menu as their offerings are small. But don’t let that fool you because what they do offer, they absolutely specialise in.

Try the Everything Burger here. A burger that has literally everything Rosco’s offers including…a grilled cheese sandwich in the burger!

Rosco's Burger Inn

3. Toro Burger Bar

Toro Burger Bar has a few locations in El Paso and that’s only because locals can’t get enough of their burgers! Their burgers are full of flavour and the burger items on the menu are unique.

Consider the Booze Burger at Toro’s. Comes with Angus beef, Guinness cheese sauce and Jameson BBQglaze.

Toro Burger Bar in El Paso

4. Panda Burgers

Panda Burgers make some of the finest specialty burgers in El Paso. They really pride themselves on making burgers that are unique and using ingredients that normally don’t go in burgers.

If you’re up for it, try the Panda Challenge here. A three-patty beef burger that comes with a bunch of other filling stuff. Finish it in 25 minutes and you get a t-shirt and your picture on their wall!

Panda Burgers in El Paso

5. Bold Burgers & Tacos

Bold Burgers & Tacos make some excellent burgers (and tacos) for their use of the freshest ingredients. Along with using fresh ingredients, they also infuse their burgers with great flavour and some burgers are very spicy but juicy!

For one of the spiciest burgers in town, try their Bold Spicy Chipotle Burger. Be warned, you might be feeling a bit sweaty during and after!

Bold Burgers in El Paso

6. Orange Cow Burgers

Orange Cow Burgers are known for their creation of an orange-coloured sauce that razzles and dazzles in their burgers. This shop is also a food truck but they make some of the best burgers that a food truck can make in El Paso.

This popular burger spot usually has a bit of queue thanks to their tasty burgers. If you don’t mind waiting, get their Double Beef Burger. Do yourself a favour and ask for an extra helping of their orange sauce on the side.

Orange Cow Burgers

7. Rockstar Burger Bar

Rockstar Burger Bar make the best and smokiest burgers in El Paso. The burgers here are also incredibly massive (6-ounces or above) and also come loaded up with other toppings as well.

Bring your appetite with you to Rockstar and order their Border Burger, with the key ingredients being a 6-ounce beef patty, flank steak, habanero cheese, and guacamole.

Rockstar Burger Bar

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