Where to Find the Best Burgers in Havana Cuba

The 7 Best Burgers In Havana

Where can you find the best burgers in Havana

While many people don’t automatically associate burgers with Cuban food, the capital city is home to numerous different restaurants that serve delicious burgers to locals and travellers.

If you’re wandering the streets of Cuba, then here’s a list of the top restaurants where you can find the seven best burgers in Havana.

Best burgers in HavanaHow do these rankings work?

1. Cafe del Oriente

Cafe del Oriente is one of the most upscale restaurants in all of Havana, and they also just so happen to serve one of the best burgers in Havana.

While the name might sound a little misleading, this place is anything but a small hometown cafe. The decor is elaborate and grandiose, and the food is just as top-notch. After trying their burger you can walk it off as you tour the nearby Habana Vieja.

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Havana Cuba

2. TocaMadera

Havana Insider once published an article about the best eats in Havana. On that list was TocaMadera, which is still one of the city’s best-kept secrets, even to locals!

The burger they serve here is absolutely delicious, likely due to the high-quality ingredients they use at the restaurant. Make sure to snag a seat outside as the terrace is lush, green, and uniquely decorated.

3. Street Burger

Street Burger is one of the most traditional burger joints in the city. They serve delicious hamburgers, great fries, and sweet milkshakes.

Don’t let the facade fool you, this is anything but a fast-food restaurant. They serve premium burgers without the premium price, and they do it all in a consistent manner. Head there any time of day or night and you’ll experience the same quality and taste.

The Best Street Food in Havana Cuba

4. La Pachanga

If you’re looking for a spot with some of the best burgers in Havana and also want to take a great photo for your food Insta feed, then try La Pachanga.

The burgers here are amongst the most delicious items on their menu. However, what really sets them apart is the fact that they serve them with cute little sombrero hats. 

Order a fresh Cuban juice, set your hat-wearing burger up just right, and snap a photo of them all together for the perfect Instagram post.

5. PaZillo

PaZillo is one of the trendiest gastro bars and restaurants in Havana. The cute, modern interior design spills out onto their patio, which is the perfect place to order a juicy burger.

You’ll have your fair share of menu items to choose from, too, as they serve beef and pork burgers.

One traveller noted that the place serves great food in a great ambience with great music. What more can you ask for on a night out in Cuba?

Best Burgers in Havana

6. Sloppy Joe’s Bar

Okay, so a sloppy joe is technically a burger, right? The sloppy joe they serve at this local institution is so delicious that it’s worth a mention on the list of the best burgers in Havana.

It’s delectably sloppy, perfectly put together, and served on top of extremely fresh buns. The best part? The restaurant is smack dab in the middle of the city centre, which makes it a great stop for lunch as you make your way through all of the sights in Havana.

7. Jesus Maria 20

You’ll head to Jesus Maria 20 for the extremely relaxing terrace, but you’ll stay for the quality of the food they serve their guests.

While they don’t serve burgers exclusively, we’ve tried them out personally and they’re amongst some of the best burgers in Havana for sure.

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