The 7 Best Burgers In Helsinki

The 7 Best Burgers In Helsinki

Helsinki has a thriving food scene, with countless local eats and trendy restaurants to be found. Wander the city and you’re sure to stumble across somewhere super to eat. The Scandinavian food revolution is alive and kicking here.

But for those times when you’re simply starving and the only thing that will cure your hanger is a burger? This list is for you.

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1. Social Burgerjoint 

Social Burgerjoint have four locations around the city and started off by making their burgers super classical in style and taste. Just about big enough to get into your mouth but the double patty is only for the serious eaters. Delicious.

Social Burgerjoint  In Helsinki

2. Friends & Brgrs 

This popular casual burger chain has been serving delicious burgers and fries since 2014, yet it still feels like a stand-alone burger joint. They still bake their own buns, triple-cook the fries and grind the meat themselves – putting serious effort into the taste and freshness of each burger.

Friends & Brgrs In Helsinki


NAUGHTY BRGR was founded by the first Finnish Top Chef winner Akseli Herlevi, who spent over 10 years in search of the best burger recipes in the world. The result? One of the best burger joints in the entire country. Juicy meat and heaps of toppings.


4. Krog Roba Restaurant

This former police station is now a relaxed restaurant in the Lilia Roberts hotel. Roba’s burger is an absolute beast, yet somehow manages to be the perfect size to take a bite all in one go. Pillowy fresh buns and Hereford beef make it stand out.

Krog Roba Restaurant Burgers In Helsinki

5. Töölön Sävel Finbistro

Just a few steps from the Töölö’s Market Square, this stylish bistro serves up some delectable burgers at lunch, on brioche buns with country style french fries.

Want a huge feed? Get the Sävel’s Open burger: Two minced beef steaks, Monterey Jack cheddar cheese, halloumi cheese, bacon, fried egg, lettuce, cheddar-chili mayonnaise, house coleslaw and aioli.

Töölön Sävel Finbistro Burgers In Helsinki

6. Sori Taproom

This brewery taproom has an modern American style kitchen with all your favourite foods, including the best smokey meats, burgers and BBQ. The burger changes regularly, but keep an eye out for the brisket one. Best bit? Choose from 24 craft beers on draft to wash it down with.

Sori Taproom Hamburger

7. Bites Burgers 

Bites Burgers has three locations (one of which is only open during the summer) and is a surefire bet for a droolworthy, juicy burger. They do a creative special that changes regularly – such as the current Bring the Spring with Grilled Yellow Zucchini, Fresh Asparagus, Sweet Jalapeño Jam and a Ramiro Paprika Mayo.

Best burgers Helsinki

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