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The 7 Best Burgers In Idaho

Tucked away in the Pacific Northwest, Idaho is perhaps more known for its vast beauty from its natural landscape. What you might be surprised to know is that they make some mean burgers in Idaho too!

Check out the seven best burgers in Idaho.

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1. Hudson’s Hamburgers

One of the oldest restaurants in Idaho is a tiny little diner that serves up the best burgers in town, Hudson’s Hamburgers. Serving the juiciest burgers since 1907, Idahoans have been coming here in droves to satisfy their meat and bun cravings.

They are known for the best simple and minimalist burgers. Their burgers are straight up with cheese, onions, and pickles.

Hudson's Hamburgers

2. Boise Fry Company

The best thing to go with your burger are some fries and you can get both at the Boise Fry Company. This small Idaho chain restaurant specialises in their burger and fries combo.

The burgers are made of grass-fed beef and their fries are hand-cut daily so you’re getting some fantastic quality food here.

Boise Fry Company Idaho

3. Penny’s Pit Burgers

If you especially love the char on your burger, come on down to Penny’s Pit Burgers for some gourmet, fire-grilled burgers. Their burgers are excellent here and have some Hollywood-esque names as well, like the James Dean Burger.

Give the aforementioned James Dean Burger a try and pair it with one of their rotating craft beers.

Penny's Pit Burgers

4. The Brakeman American Grill

For some of the heftiest and meatiest burgers, you can get your fix at the Brakeman American Grill. The sizes of the burgers here are large so be sure to bring your appetite with you to this tasty food joint in Idaho.

If you’re really hungry, their double-patty burgers here that are made of fresh ground beef and come on well-toasted buns.

The Brakeman American Grill

5. Big Jud’s

Big Jud’s is a local chain that has a few locations in Idaho. They have a reputation for making some of the best and juiciest cheeseburgers in the state so be sure to bring your burger appetite to Big Jud’s.

Try their supremely tasty mushroom cheeseburger that is definitely one of the best burgers in Idaho.

Big Jud's

6. Capitol Bar

If you’re craving that juicy and amazing burger, that craving might have to wait until the summer if you come to Capitol Bar. But, it’s worth the wait because their burgers have a reputation in Idaho for being the best all-around tasting burger.

If you do want a burger and it’s summertime in Idaho, be sure to get here when they open since they only make a fixed number of burgers every day.

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7. The Surf Shack

You won’t find any surfing here at The Surf Shack, in fact, you won’t find anything resembling water because it is a gas station. But don’t let that fool you – this gas station serves up some of the best burgers in Idaho and at incredibly low prices too!

Fresh Angus beef combined with some familiar burger toppings and you have yourself a great burger to grab for the road.

The Surf Shack Idaho

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