The 7 Best Burgers in Indianapolis

The 7 Best Burgers in Indianapolis

In recent years, Indianapolis, Indiana has built itself as a culinary powerhouse, with enough flavour and creativity to compete with much bigger cities. But look, forget all the flavour-pairing possibilities in the world — sometimes you just want a damn good burger.

But of course, Indianapolis delivers — with everything from greasy spoon delights to the upper-echelon of burger-dom. Here’s the seven best burgers in Indianapolis.

Best burgers in IndianapolisHow do these rankings work?

1. Burgerhaus

Burgerhaus is known as the number-one burger place in Indianapolis — and for good reason. They pair the best in prime beef with zesty natural ingredients from far-off (and not so far) places.

Think: The Cozumel, with island-grilled pineapple and guacamole, or The Monaco, with white cheddar, sautéed onions, and mushrooms.

Burgerhaus in Indianapolis

2. Fat Dan’s Chicago-Style Deli

Fat Dan’s Chicago-Style Deli is a bustling heaven of burger-bombs — with options like the super-spicy “Ghost,” the Double-Brother Fat Burger, or the Fat Havana, with smoked pork and smoked maple ham. The atmosphere — sporty, vibrant — cannot be beaten.

Simply droolworthy burgers.

Best Burgers in Indianapolis

3. Bru Burger

Located on the popping Mass Ave, find BRU Burger — with delights like the Bourbon Burger (with a peppercorn-bourbon glaze), the Garlic-Three Cheese Burger (come on, how could you resist?), and the Honey-Chipotle BBQ. Their selection makes it one of the best burgers in Indianapolis, absolutely. 


Bru Burger

4. Burger Study

The patties are made from 100% Black Angus blend of Brisket, Shortrib, and Chuck, making for a juicy and flavourful bite!

They pride themselves on serving premium burgers crafted from the best quality Midwest Prime beef, and they also serve a variety of non-beef burgers.

5. Red Key

Red Key is a shadowy hole-in-the-wall wonder located on College Avenue (“where interesting people hang out… since 1933”). Indy’s so crazy for these burgers, they vote them best in the city nearly every year.

Plus, it’s a marvellous place to slide up alongside other boozers, and eat and drink to your heart’s content (as they’ve been doing for almost 100 years). We guess that’s all you need to know.

Red Key Hamburger in Indianapolis

6. Milktooth

Milktooth is well-known for their breakfast and brunch, but their burgers pack a real punch. With two lamb and beef patties, American cheese, steamed onions, fancy sauce, and shredded lettuce, it’s a simple, American-style burger. And it delivers.

Milktooth Burgers

7. Fire by the Monon

Tucked off the main streets of Broad Ripple, find Fire by the Monon: a cozy joint in a little red house, serving up some of the best burgers around. Try the Black and Bleu Burger with the gorgonzola, or opt for the Inferno, which features the special Monon sauce. It’s a dream.

Fire by the Monon in Indianapolis

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