The 7 Best Burgers In Kansas City

The 7 Best Burgers In Kansas City

Kansas City burgers are a classic dish to eat in this famous meaty town – sure, you might have a BBQ feast in mind, but the local grilling skills also extend to burgers.

From huge smoke-flamed burgers to simple cheeseburger stacks, this is a great city to eat your way around while you’re exploring. And if you’re a local? Consider this your essential burger eating list in and around KC.

Here’s the droolworthy places that won’t let you down…

Best burgers in Kansas CityHow do these rankings work?

1. Third Street Social

With an All-American vibe menu that is driven by the chefs’ imaginations, the burgers here are super high end, with out-of-this-world flavour. Whether you go for the jalapeno spicy BBQ burger or their legendary Animal Style (Thousand Island spread, mustard grilled patties, and extra pickles), you’ll be wiping drool off your face for days afterward.

You’ll find Third Street Social just outside KC, in Lee’s Summit.

Best burgers Kansas City

2. Burger Stand at the Casbah 

Hop in the car to this Lawrence hotspot for gourmet burgers and 35 craft beers on tap. Order their crazy Flamin’ Hot Mac Attack: 4oz beef patty topped with fried mac and cheese, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos cheese sauce, pickle chips, and Flamin’ Hot Cheeto crumbles. We’re obsessed.

Burger Stand at the Casbah in Kansas City

3. Burg & Barrel

This perfect neighbourhood pub has even more perfect burgers – certified Angus beef in freshy, squish buns and a range of delicious toppings. The best thing about burgers being made with such premium beef? At Burg & Barrel, you can ask for your burger to be cooked pink for extra juiciness.

Burg & Barrel Burgers

4. Town Topic 

Ever since this Downtown diner began selling burgers for 5 cents a piece in 1937, Town Topic has been a Kansas City institution. There’s nothing fancy here but it proves that sometimes simple is best. A juicy, griddled beef patty with Swiss cheese, caramelised onions, pickles and mustard. What more do you need?

Town Topic in Kansas City

5. Westport Flea Market

Like Trivia contests? Check. Pool, shuffleboard, video games? Yes, yes, and yes. Burgers?! YES. Westport Flea Market is a funky burgers ‘n’ beers dive with live music and the famous ‘Super Flea’: five 10 oz. burgers, with bacon, cheese, and two pounds of fries.

Just order a regular-sized burger and make a pit stop at the salad bar to add all the pickles and lettuce toppings you like.

Westport Flea Market Hamburger

6. Hogshead 

This creative American restaurant focuses on local ingredients from local small businesses and you instantly taste the quality.

Choose whether you want a single, double or triple cheeseburger with thick cut bacon, fried egg, pickles, onion and dijonnaise. Tender and full of flavour, with amazing sides (hey there smoked cheddar grits) to go with it.

Hogshead Hamburger in Kansas City

7. Blvd Tavern 

Blvd Tavern is right in the heart of the Kansas City Crossroads Art District, making it an ideal burger stop-off point. More upmarket than your average burger joint, this classy tavern adds a few unique flavours to its burger.

The Daily Grind burger has cheddar, bacon and – here’s where it gets wild – red wine shallot jam and peppercorn mayo and an optional fried egg. Delicious.

Blvd Tavern Hamburger
Image: @gilly_p/Instagram
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