Best Kuala Lumpur Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Kuala Lumpur

Nothing beats the taste of a good burger and for many it just so happens to be one of the first “go to” dishes when they arrive in a new city. Kuala Lumpur burgers are as good as they get, so we decided to round up the very best of the best.

You’ll want to work your way through the list and try every single one (juuust possibly not all in one day!)

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1. myBurger Lab

The Flatliner shows just what this place is about.  Four perfectly seared beef patties, four pieces of sharp cheddar cheese, paired with their signature charcoal buns, topped with the sweet and tangy onion Jam. Time to get down here and try one of these bad boys out!

myBurger Lab in Kuala Lumpur

2. Killer Gourmet Burgers

Their burgers are super original in terms of a wide range of toppings, with something for everybody. Throw in some cracking cocktails and this is the sort of place where you’ll never have a bad night.

Killer Gourmet Burgers

3. Buns Burger Bar

Buns Burger Bar serves great salads, chicken and pasta dishes, but you should really only go for one thing when you get here – the burger. An absolute delight of a dish. If you team it up with their legendary sweet potato fries you are in for a serious treat.

Buns Burger Bar in KL

4. The Daily Grind

This place is all about indulgence and they aren’t scared to admit it. After nearly a decade in business, they’ve opened a new outlet in Ampang which means even more people get to experience their world class burgers.

The Daily Grind Burger in KL

5. Burger on 16 

Classic American style food with really good shakes and some proper tasty desserts. The burgers are big so you’ll want to come with a serious appetite but one thing is for sure… You will be leaving with a big smile on your face.

Burger on 16 KL

6. Sixty Bites

This is a brilliant hawker stall in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Sixty Bites gives you a burger on the go that fits perfectly into your hand and which is absolutely bursting full of flavour. Once you taste it you’ll find yourself back here on a regular basis.

Kuala Lumpar burgers

7. Burgertory

This little gem is tucked away from the main street, located on the first floor above Guardian Pharmacy in Subang Jaya.

Burgertory have a range of burgers, from beef, pork and veggie options too. Looking to truly indulge? Try the Burgertory Treasure, a pork patty with crunchy croutons of pork lard and spilling melted cheddar cheese. Yum!



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