The 7 Best Burgers In Lima

The 7 Best Burgers In Lima

You might be surprised to find out that Lima has some of the best burgers in South America. It’s not hard to see that the burgers in Lima are consistently juicy and some you’ll find out are very interesting in presentation.

These are the very best places to get a burger in Lima.

The best burgers in LimaHow do these rankings work?

1. Cafe A Bistro

Cafe A Bistro serves juicy burgers made on fresh, in-house made bread and at very reasonable prices. There is only one burger on the menu here and it is one of the best in all of Lima.

Try their cheeseburger here and make note of the secret sauce they use to enhance their burger with incredible flavour.

Cafe A Bistro Burger

2. Papacho’s

Papacho’s is a popular chain in Peru that offer up a number of different burger varieties. The burgers here are quite large and is easy to find one that suits your burger tastes (including vegetarian burgers).

Try their Pepper Burger which comes loaded with potato and mushroom toppings.

Papacho's Hamburger

3. Street Burger

Street Burger serves up burgers named after random streets in Lima. Their burgers are flavourful, juicy, and made with high-quality ingredients.

Try their Larco Street Burger here which comes with a hefty patty made up of 200 grams of beef.

Street Burger in Lima

4. Juicy Lucy

You can probably guess what kind of burger you will get at Juicy Lucy: juicy ones! Their burger patties are high-quality and come with Angus beef or pay a bit more and get their super tender Wagyu.

Definitely try the burger here with their Wagyu beef patty as it’ll be a decision you won’t regret!

Juicy Lucy Burger

5. Bon Beef Burger

Bon Beef Burger is a classic American-style burger joint and serve some of the best burgers in Lima. The beef is imported from the USA and are cooked using charcoal grills that help to give their burgers an extra level of charred flavour.

Try their cheeseburger here as it is tasty and, if you’re really hungry, you can double up on the beef patties.

Bon Beef Burger in Lima

6. Dondoh

Dondoh serves up the most interesting looking and tasting burger in Lima because of their unusual black buns. The buns are more chewy due to the squid ink that gives it its black colour.

Try their Black Burger, which comes with the aforementioned black buns as well as an Angus beef patty, cheese, kimchi, and spicy mayo.

Dondoh Burgers

7. Hamburgo Restobar

Hamburgo Restobar has some of the most popular burgers in Lima thanks to the variety of ingredients they use and the generous beef patty portions. What makes the burger complete is their amazing chimichurri sauce!

If you like mushrooms in your burger, try their popular Gourmeat burger which comes with gruyere mushrooms.

burgers in lima

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