The 7 Best Burgers In Los Angeles

The 7 Best Burgers In Los Angeles

The City of Angels also happens to be the city of heavenly food, and no other dish can hit the spot quite like a big, juicy burger. Whether you want a simple smashed patty or an indulgent black truffle burger, Los Angeles’ burgers are some of the best in the country.

Forget about any notions of a Hollywood diet and dig into the seven drool-inducing burgers…

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1. Burgers Never Say Die

BNSD’s fandom is intense, but oh-so deserved. The legendary pop up recently opened up a permanent spot in Silver Lake where the long lines for these smashed beauties show no sign of slowing down. The top tip to remember? Always. Get. Two. When something is this good, one is never enough.

Burgers Never Say Die in Los Angeles

2. Electric Owl 

Situated on a plot of land that was once a train station, Electric Owl’s décor is modelled after the look and feel of a bygone era, evoking train travel culture and dining car luxury. This is the place to come if you want an incredible burger while enjoying a view of Sunset blvd. and a backdrop of the Hollywood hills.

Burgers Los Angeles

3. Umami Burger 

The Unami burger promises a totally new taste because as they say :”You’ve heard of sweet, salty, sour, and bitter… now say hello to umami, the savoury, bold and flavourful fifth taste”. It’s a unique and spellbinding foodie experience.

Umami Burger in Los Angeles

4. The Apple Pan

A stripped-back burger joint that feels like you are taking a step back in time, in a good way. They don’t need all the fancy trappings that some places do and instead just focus on a brilliant burger and top quality friendly service.

The Apple Pan Hamburger

5. Cassell’s Hamburgers 

Their story began way back in 1948 when Al Cassell opened Cassell’s Hamburgers at a simple stand.  Cassell’s Hamburgers now resides in the historic Hotel Normandie in Los Angeles.  They’ve added to the original hamburger stand with classic milkshakes and malts and a 50s breakfast menu. Simply delicious.

Cassell’s Hamburgers 

6. Belcampo Meat Co.

Belcampo Meat Co. serves food that is sourced from their organic farm. Not only is the produce world class but the chefs who handle it do so with aplomb, with the burger being the classic example. Something so simple executed to an extraordinary level.

Belcampo Meat Co. in Los Angeles

7. Cecconi’s 

A modern day classic Italian restaurant on Melrose Avenue, that serves up an incredible black truffle burger. It seems simple when it arrives at the table, but the complex flavours and perfect portion size make this a giant in the burger world.

Cecconi’s Hamburger

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