7 Of the Best Burgers in Malaga

The 7 Best Burgers In Malaga

The Spanish sure do know a thing or two about ham. However, if you’re headed to the South of Spain, then you’re also going to want to check out some of the best burgers in Malaga.

In fact, the entire Costa del Sol is peppered with numerous restaurants where you can bite into a big, juicy burger.

However, the best burgers in Malaga might all come in first when ranked against others in the region. Interested in seeing for yourself? Here are our picks for the seven best burgers in Malaga, Spain.

Best burgers in MálagaHow do these rankings work?

1. Napolitan BBQ

Looking for the best burgers in Malaga? Few restaurants make hamburgers quite like Napolitan BBQ. 

They’re cooked to perfection and deliciously thick, but it’s the unique mix of flavours that really make these burgers stand out.

Best Burgers in Malaga, Spain

2. La Burguesita

Located in the heart of the historic district of the city, La Burguesita serves some of the best hamburgers in Malaga, according to locals.

You can choose from two different sizes, 100 or 200 grams. Opt for the smaller burger and split it between you and a friend. You’re going to want to try various different burgers on their menu.

Try the Deluxe, as it comes with grilled fois gras that guests rave about. Or, order the Francesa, which they serve with a delicious sauce.

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Malaga

3. La Calle Burger

Great vibes, modern decoration, and a superb location in the centre of Malaga are all things that La Calle Burger offers.

The patties they use are so thick and juicy that it’s hard to fit them into your mouth, and that’s something we can certainly get behind. Try their burgers with the fried onion rings on top, as it’s one of the most popular options on the menu.

4. Noviembre

With one of the largest burger menus in all of Malaga, Noviembre is popular amongst locals and tourists simply for the sheer amount of choice they offer their guests.

If you’re picky about how your burger is cooked, then definitely try this place out. They take their gourmet burgers seriously and will cook yours however you want.

The Best Burgers in Malaga at a Great Price

5. KGB

This gastro bar has been famous for a while due to some of the more interesting dishes on the menu, like the shark tataki and Andalusian tapas. It’s also one of the trendiest restaurants in the entire South of Spain.

However, locals and travellers alike rank KGB as having one of the best burgers in Malaga. 

Why? They don’t make it with regular beef. It’s a bull’s tail hamburger that the world-famous chef knows how to prepare to perfection.

Rabo de Toro Ox Tail Burger in Malaga

6. Black Label Urban Grill

Upon entering this urban grill, you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped foot inside of a quaint, hometown restaurant in the Southern United States. 

It’s these vibes that people seem to love, and the food is just as authentic as the decor.

Like KGB, Black Label also makes a pretty impressive bull’s tail burger, but their American-themed burger seems to be a favourite amongst anybody who visits.

BBQ American-Style Burger in Malaga

7. El Gastronauta

The owners of this restaurant are just as adventurous as you’d expect with a name that mixes “gastro astronaut.” They seem to be revolutionising the way restaurants operate in Malaga as they offer a unique dining experience that’s new to Spain.

While they don’t serve burgers specifically, numerous customers note that it’s one of the most delicious items on their menu. 

So, while it’s not a burger joint per se, they serve one of the best burgers in Malaga, making it worth the visit.


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