Delicious Burgers in Medellin, Colombia

The 7 Best Burgers in Medellin

Even though burgers aren’t part of Colombia’s traditional cuisine, they sure do know how to cook beef to the point of perfection. And, it shows in the way they make their burgers in Medellin.

If you’re looking for tasty, juicy burgers, then you’ve come to the right city. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds at some of the cosiest restaurants in all of the City of Eternal Spring. 

Here’s where you can find seven of the best burgers in Medellin.

Best burgers in MedellinHow do these rankings work?

1. Chef Burger

Despite being a chain restaurant, Chef Burger serves up some of the best burgers in Medellin. 

With 11 locations all over the city, this place tops the list as being one of the most convenient burger joints in the city. However, even though they’re a chain, their burgers remain consistent in taste and price.

Try the Royale, American, or Mexican burgers if it’s your first time. Be sure order the rustic potatoes as they’re just as delicious as the burgers.

Best Burgers in Medellin

2. Federal Ribs

There’s only one burger on the menu at Federal Ribs, which is a ribs-dominated restaurant (hence the name). However, that one burger is tasty enough to earn itself a spot on the list of best burgers in Medellin.

This is real down-home, southern USA cooking right in the heart of Colombia. Choose from sides like coleslaw, caramelised onion rings, chilli, or fries. 

While you’re there, make space in your stomach for at least one rack of delicious BBQ ribs and maybe even a few wings. You won’t regret it.

BBQ Ribs Burger Medellin

3. La Pampa

Argentinians know how to do meat, and it’s evident any time you step foot into an Argentinian steakhouse. La Pampa is a chain of six popular steakhouses all over Medellin, each offering delectable meat options and great burgers.

While the steaks at La Pampa are great, their BBQ ribs are even better and don’t get us started on their gourmet burgers.

Make sure you head here hungry, as the portions are large and come with a side option of fries or onion rings.

Argentinian Steakhouse Burger in Medellin, Colombia

4. Jack & Roll

There’s one burger specifically at Jack & Roll that keeps visitors coming back for more. It’s “La Pulled Pork.” 

Delectably delicious and incredibly messy, this burger features a host of ingredients that they top off with smoked cheddar cheese that’s been marinated in Jack Daniels No. 7. Then, they mix in salted pork that’s smothered in Jack BBQ and Jack Daniels Honey.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try their Pepper Jack burger, which comes with breaded squid as a topping.

Delicious Burgers in Medellin, Colombia

5. Barrio Burger

You’ll find Barrio Burger tucked away in Envigado, which is away from all the hustle and bustle of Medellin’s main tourist traps.

Once you make it there, you’ll want to order their most famous burger, “La Aranjuez.” This burger comes with quality Brangus beef, Colby jack cheese, caramelised onions, bacon, tomato, lettuce and BBQ sauce. 

The Brangus beef is where the real flavour comes from, as it’s soft and light but packed full of juicy goodness.

6. Juicy Lucy

The burgers at Juicy Lucy definitely live up to their name. They’re so thick and juicy that you’ll need a knife to cut into them just to take the first bite.

What makes them so thick is the fact that they’re filled with cheese. Delicious, right? 

Head to the Mercado del Rio location to enjoy an afternoon at a unique foodie hotspot in Medellin.

7. Grill Station Burger

Grill Station Burger is a staple when it comes to burger joints in Medellin. 

There are four different locations all over the city in various different neighbourhoods which means you can stop off at each one while touring Medellin.

What sets these burgers apart is the fact that they’re made with pure Brangus beef. However, they also serve a delicious veggie burger and crunchy chicken burger for those looking for a healthier option.

Grill Station Burger Chain Medellin

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