The 7 Best Burgers In Memphis

The 7 Best Burgers In Memphis

In a city known for its BBQ, Memphis’ mouth-watering burgers often get overlooked. We’ve rounded up seven of the best burgers in Memphis. Most of them are smashed on the griddle, so if you like big, beefy burgers, you might want to take your business elsewhere.

But trust us – these burgers can really stand their ground…

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1. Huey’s

This classic Memphis joint is has on the walls and toothpicks in the ceiling. There are 11 iterations of burger on the menu (including veggie and vegan), but you can’t go wrong with the “World Famous” Huey Burger.

It’s a juicy 1/3lb Angus beef patty on a buttery, sesame seed bun, with mayo, lettuce, tomato, mustard, pickle, and onion with your choice of cheddar or Swiss cheese. The steak fries are good, but so are the giant onion rings with red onions.

Huey's Burger In Memphis

2. Tops Bar-B-Q

At Tops, you don’t have to choose between a burger and the BBQ that Memphis is known for. Always cooked upon order so it comes out piping hot off the flat-top grill.

This local favourite is an old-school greasy quarter-pound hamburger. It’s seasoned with salt and pepper, squashed with a spatula, then topped with pulled pork if you please. Always delicious. 

Tops Bar-B-Q Hamburger In Memphis

3. Memphis Mojo Cafe

Mojo’s is a cult favourite in Memphis, with a large menu there’s something for everyone here!

The Mojo Cheeseburger is a solid choice, or you can go for one of their more adventurous burgers like the Byron Donut Burger,  a 6 oz pattie, cheese, fried egg, and candied bacon in between a donut!

4. Alex’s Tavern

Established in 1953, Alex’s Tavern is Memphis’ oldest family-owned tavern. It’s home to its “World Famous” Greek Burger. The legendary local favourite is appropriately greasy after a night of drinking.

What’s the recipe for the perfect dive-bar burger? They cook it medium in a cast-iron skillet, so the patty gets crispy outside while remaining juicy inside.

The unassuming burger is comes on a styrofoam plate with mustard, pickles, onion, a slice of tomato, and thick-cut steak fries (à la Huey’s). Head’s up, this old-school jukebox joint only takes cash.

Alex's Tavern Burger

5. Dyer’s Burgers

This popular downtown diner has been serving up diner-style burgers since 1912—and using the same grease. The 100-year-old garlic-infused grease is the secret to Dyer’s Double Double with Cheese. (Don’t worry, they strain the “ageless cooking grease” for frying Dyer’s beef patties daily.)

Two thin griddle-fried patties come two slices of gooey American cheese, mustard, pickle, and onions, on a simple bun. Yum.

Dyer's Burgers In Memphis

6. Tops BBQ

Tops serve all things BBQ, so if you’re looking for a flame-grilled burger then this is the place for you. Serving the community for over 65 years and its easy to see why, their burgers are some of the best in Memphis!

The BBQ Burger from Tops, a greasy griddle burger topped with pulled pork, is a local favorite.

7. Mot & Ed’s

This laid-back, family-owned Southern eatery in the middle of Midtown serves up hearty stuffed Angus and turkey burgers with creative toppings and sides. The Stuffed Beef Burger is patted flat, stuffed with your choice of cheeses, bacon, jalapeños, sautéed mushrooms, roasted peppers, grilled onions, and/or fresh spinach, cooked to perfection. It comes with seasoned homestyle fries.

Get ready to wait—good things take time, and Mot & Ed’s stuffed burgers are no exception.

Mot & Ed’s Burger

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