Best Burgers in Naples Italy

The 7 Best Burgers In Naples

Pizza, as we know it today, was invented in Naples, and you’re able to taste some of the best pies in the world all over the city. But the best burgers in Naples are also tempting.

Yep, Naples has more than just delicious homemade pizza to offer the millions of visitors that flock to the city each year. You don’t have to go far to find delicious burgers in this ancient Italian town.

When you’re all filled up on great pizza, it might be time to look for a burger. Here’s where you can find the seven best burgers in Naples, Italy.

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1. D’Ausilio Burgeria e Macelleria

Looking for the best burgers in Naples? You’ll find them at D’Ausilio Burgeria e Macelleria, which is a local butcher’s shop that also happens to serve up gourmet burgers.

There are so many different kinds of burgers to choose from here that you’re probably going to have to pay more than one visit to this popular burger joint just to get your fill of all the different tastes they have to offer.

Their Black Angus Burger has brie cheese and tartar sauce, for example, while they have another burger with 250 grams of black Angus and black pepper mayonnaise drizzled on top of freshly melted parmesan cheese.

Best Burgers in Naples Italy

2. Blackwood Burgerhouse

Head over to the quaint Vomero neighbourhood hungry and you’ll definitely need to stop at Blackwood Burgerhouse to enjoy some of the tastiest burgers in all of Naples.

Locals and tourists both note that they love the option to choose from a variety of different meats, such as local Italian beef. They also love the fresh French fries that come with each hamburger.

The burgers here are thick and filled with toppings, so be sure to come really hungry in order to enjoy this burger joint to the max.

Gourmet Burger Shops in Naples

3. Lubrano Pub

While this local pub offers more than just burgers, they’re famous for their thick, juicy hamburgers that seem to leave travellers coming back for more each time they visit Naples.

Order their double burger that’s topped with cheddar cheese, crunchy bacon, and caramelised onions. Take a picture before you eat it to upload to your Instagram because your followers aren’t going to believe how big it is.

If you’re in the mood to try other kinds of meat, this is a good place to do so. Wash everything down with a nice bottle of local wine.

4. Il Grotto

At first glance, this small little restaurant might not look like much, but it’s home to some of the best burgers in Naples. 

Right around the corner from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples is where you’ll find Il Grotto, which is famous for their Texan burger that’s covered in barbecue sauce and crispy bacon.

They also offer chicken burgers, meat sandwiches, and a well-loved cheesesteak burger. Vibes here are down-to-earth and you’re likely to find lots of locals you can mix and mingle with.

5. Sale e Pepe Napoli

It seems like Naples is home to many large hamburgers, and when you order a burger at Sale e Pepe you won’t be disappointed.

While the burgers here are large and mighty, the restaurant is also famous for traditional Neapolitan food.

If you have family or friends visiting, take them here to let them try a little bit of everything. However, we definitely recommend trying the Argentinian burger.

6. Puok Burger Store

Don’t let these takeaway burgers fool you, they’re not like any other takeaway burger you’ve ever had.

Not only is Puok Burger’s menu pretty extensive, but they also offer unique and creative burgers that are hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Order a Django with smoked provolone, onion rings, and barbecue sauce. Or, check out the Maestro Miyagi, which is their famous chicken burger that comes stacked with thinly sliced fried potatoes and their secret sauce.

7. 12 Morsi

You’ll find this trendy restaurant in the heart of Chiaia, which is one of Naples’ hottest neighbourhoods. The name suggests that you’re able to finish one of their burgers in 12 bites, which is pretty ambitious considering how large they are.

The restaurant itself is quaint and cosy with a very laid-back vibe. The burgers, however, are first-class and taste like they belong in a five-star restaurant.

The menu is extensive and you’ll have more than your fair share of ingredients and toppings to choose from, ranging from avocado and caramelised pear to more interesting choices like broccoli and quail egg.

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