Where to Find the Best Burgers in Nassau

The 7 Best Burgers In Nassau

When you’re thinking about taking a cruise to the Bahamas, chances are that you’re probably not thinking about chowing down on the best burgers in Nassau.

However, this popular Caribbean city offers tourists the chance to indulge in a lot of new tastes, especially when it comes to burgers. 

Ready to try a grilled Mahi burger or even taste the local Conch? If so, then check out these restaurants where you can get the seven best burgers in Nassau.

Best Burgers in NassauHow do these rankings work?

1. Studio Cafe

Where can you find the best burgers in Nassau? Studio Cafe is a great place to start. Their B52 beef burger is thick, juicy, and expertly crafted by some of the best chefs in the Caribbean. 

A few local sites have consistently ranked Studio Cafe at the top of their lists for the B52 burger, so it’s worth checking out. Plus, the restaurant offers pretty stunning views of the sea.

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Nassau

2. Green Parrot Bar & Grill

Not only is Green Parrot one of the best bars in Nassau, but it’s also one of the restaurants where you’ll find the best burgers, too.

Their Mahi Mahi burger is a must if you’re interested in trying something different than traditional beef burgers. They make it with local Mahi Mahi that they catch in the nearby sea, so it’s extremely fresh and served with local Bahamian spices.

Delicious Beef Burgers in Nassau, Bahamas

3. Da Glass Kitchen

Not only does Da Glass Kitchen serve up great burgers, but they have beef, turkey, and veggie options. While all of them are great, it’s their turkey burger that you’re really going to want to check out.

The loaded turkey burger comes with a cracked egg and bacon if you order it for breakfast. Da Glass is a pretty popular breakfast spot as well, so you can plan on eating there in the morning and heading back in the afternoon to try a different burger.

4. The Swimming Pig Gastro Pub

The Swimming Pig is one of Nassau’s well-loved gastro pubs, which is still a pretty new concept here. However, after one bite of their burgers, you’ll totally get why. Plus, it’s hard to get over how cute the little swimming pig on their logo is.

Try the portobello mushroom burger. It’s cooked to perfection, topped with aioli sauce, and sandwiched between two brioche buns.

Gastro Pub Bar Experience with the Best Burgers in Nassau

5. Aquafire Grill

Aquafire is one of the most relaxing restaurants in Nassau. They perfectly mix elegance and charm in a laidback environment. 

Then, once you order one of their burgers the flavours explode in your mouth the add a whole new dimension to your dining experience. 

Try the grilled chicken burger if you’re not a fan of beef. They top it with sharp blue cheese and caramelised onions, so you can only imagine how powerful the taste is.

Best Hamburgers in Nassau, Bahamas

6. Athena Cafe

Authentic Greek food in the Bahamas? Yes, please! This local restaurant is known for serving up some of the best Greek food in the Caribbean. However, they also have some of the best burgers in Nassau.

Make sure you try their lamb burger. It’s hard to find words to describe how delicious it is, but a simple “wow” might suffice.

Greek Lamb Burgers in the Caribbean

7. Lukka Kairi

Offering up some of the best views in Nassau, Lukka Kairi is a hotspot for locals and travellers alike. Soak up the Bahama breeze, sip a cocktail, and chow down on one of the most delicious burgers you’ve ever tasted.

You’ll especially want to try their slider burgers. They spread bacon jam all over the mini buns, which results in a unique taste you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

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