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The 7 Best Burgers in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of America’s smallest states by size but not in the foods they produce. More specifically, you can find yourself some pretty tasting burgers in New Hampshire.

These are just seven of the best burgers in New Hampshire.

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1. Wild Willy’s Burgers

Wild Willy’s Burgers is legendary in New Hampshire for making some bomb burgers. It is consistently one of the highest-rated burger restaurants in the state thanks to the mouthwatering meats they include in their burgers.

They have a few locations but if you do stop by, give their Rio Grande Burger a try; it’s made of bison meat!

Wild Willy's Burgers

2. Papa Joe’s Humble Kitchen

Don’t get the name twisted with the infamous pizza chain, Papa Joe’s. This is the Humble Kitchen version where they serve up some of the best burgers (we’re being humble here!) in New Hampshire.

Bring your appetite and try their double cheeseburger a try here – it’s fantastic!

Papa Joe's Humble Kitchen

3. Black Mtn. Burger Co.

At Black Mtn. Burger Co., there is a burger for all tastes here. If you enjoy a regular hamburger they have it and if you enjoy one made with a few extra toppings, they have that and both are excellent choices here.

Our favourite burger is their Swiss Mushroom Burger that comes with mushrooms, Swiss cheese, onions and slices of bacon are optional.

Black Mtn. Burger Co.

4. Local Burger

There’s nothing more local about Local Burger’s burgers than a one that is made with local ingredients. Not to mention, the ingredients here are very fresh and there are plenty of varieties of burger flavours here.

For spice lovers, try their Twisted Sister Burger which comes with sriracha sauce to give it a bit of heat.

Local Burger New Hampshire

5. Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers

Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers serves up exactly that: some wickedly fresh craft burgers! It’s a smaller restaurant but they have a large array of burger choices and you can even build your own burger as well.

While you can get a delicious craft burger here, you can also get a just as tasty gluten-free burger as well.

Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers

6. Hop + Grind

Another place for fantastic craft burgers in New Hampshire is Hop + Grind. There’s a great and lively ambiance here that makes the enjoyment of eating an excellently-made craft burger all that much better.

While you could opt for any of their amazing beef burgers, if you want something different, go for their Jalapeno Chicken Burger – it’s just as good!

Hop + Grind New Hampshire

7. Lexie’s Joint

Lexie’s Joint is another classic burger joint in New Hampshire that has been serving some of the best burgers in New Hampshire for years. They just might be known more for their amazing truffle fries but their burgers here are always perfectly done and the service here is prompt.

Try the Burger with the onion ring on top of it and order a side of some of those legendary truffle fries too at Lexie’s.

Lexie's Joint Burgers

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