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The 7 Best Burgers In Newark

As the largest city in New Jersey, you can bet that there are some great food options here. That goes for the burgers in Newark too as a few of these places serve up some amazing burgers.

These are the seven best places to grab a burger in Newark.

The best burgers in NewarkHow do these rankings work?

1. Krug’s Tavern

Krug’s Tavern is one of Newark’s longest-running businesses and they are also notoriously known for pumping out some great burgers. Locals are loyal to Krug’s for their meaty 12 ounce beef burgers.

Try the hefty burgers at Krug’s and pick the toppings you want on your burger.

Krug's Tavern Newark

2. Burger Bound

Burger Bound makes their burgers using organic beef and fresh ingredients. The highlight of their burger has to be their avocado aioli – truly a one-of-a-kind sauce that brings the flavour!

Try the Burger Bound Special here that comes with that bomb avocado aioli as well as crispy bacon, onions, cheese, egg, pickles, and ham!

Burger Bound Newark

3. Burger Walla

Burger Walla is one of Newark’s newer burger joints but they definitely can bring it. They use a variety of spices in their burgers (i.e. Indian spices) to give their burgers some heat and extra flavour.

They have lots of different burger options at Burger Walla, including chicken, veggie, lamb, and shrimp burger options.

Burger Walla

4. Altas Horas Lanches

Altas Horas Lanches serves up some burgers with a bit of a Brazilian flare to them. It’s a small restaurant that’s open 24 hours a day and their Brazilian burgers are a fantastic change from a regular American burger.

Try their famous Brazilian style burger here that comes with a fried egg too.

Altas Horas Lanchas Newark

5. Novelty Burger & Bar

Novelty Burger & Bar is another classic Newark burger shop that has a vintage and nostalgic feel inside. Despite its name, there’s nothing really novel about their burgers. Just a good ol’ American burger.

Enjoy a classic American burger in a cozy atmosphere here at Novelty.

Novelty Burger & Bar Newark

6. Hamburgao

Hamburgao is another Brazilian-style burger shop in Newark. Here, they really pack a big bite as their burger portions are quite huge here.

Bring your appetite to Hamburgao and enjoy their sirloin steak burger.


7. Resa Grill

For, perhaps, the best fried chicken burger in Newark, you can get that at Resa Grill. This burger is heavenly and includes bacon, maple syrup, mayonnaise, pickles and radish. An eclectic mix of ingredients for a great burger.

If chicken is your meat, you’ll have to give their fried chicken burger a shot here at Resa Grill.

Resa Grill Newark

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