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The 7 Best Burgers In North Dakota

North Dakota might have a friendly rivalry with their neighbours to the south, South Dakota in terms of who can do better. When it comes to food, the burgers in North Dakota just might be a tad bit better than South Dakota’s.

Here are the seven best burgers in North Dakota.

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1. Sickies Garage Burgers & Brew

You can’t come to North Dakota for a burger and not come to Sickies. They are known as the home of 50 burgers and 50 brews and you can easily find the perfect pairing for you here.

Ever had a Glazed Donut Burger before? You can get that and more interesting burgers here at Sickies!

Sickies Garage Burgers and Brew

2. The Wood House

The Wood House is a true throwback of a place where you can eat your burger in a setting that feels like the 1980’s. They have a lengthy list of different burgers here and each have their own intricacies.

A classic order here at The Wood House is any of their burger paired with their crunchy onion rings.

The Wood House North Dakota

3. Speedway 805 Grill & Bar

Speed on down to the Speedway 805 Grill & Bar for some tasty burgers and a fun atmosphere. At this family owned restaurant, you’ll find some interesting burger names and ingredient combinations that will be sure to leave you wanting to try it…

Spicy lovers will definitely enjoy their Burger from Hell, a burger loaded with jalapenos, cayenne pepper, and chipotle mayo!

Speedway 805 Grill and Bar North Dakota

4. JL Beers

You won’t just be having beers at JL Beers, in fact, you’ll be having an amazing burger to go with their large selection of beers. With a few locations in North Dakota, JL Beers is the classic chain that all North Dakotans keep coming back to.

If you enjoy a tasty mushroom burger, the Mt. Mushmore Burger is your best bet.

JL Beers North Dakota

5. Hi-Ho Burgers & Brews

Serving some of the best burgers and beers in North Dakota since 1947 is Hi-Ho Burgers & Brews. Their burgers are your classic burgers that are no frills and are just straight up super tasty and juicy.

Come to this local and revered establishment for a burger and try any one of their 20+ beers on tap.

Hi-Ho Burgers & Brew

6. Finish Line Burgers & Brew

Finish Line Burgers & Brew is another classic burger and beer joint in North Dakota that serves out the burger hits. At this small venue, you can choose from their burger selection or you can specifically create your own burger if you’re feeling like you want something familiar to your tastes.

Build your own burger or try their Special burgers of the day – they change every day and are great!

Finish Line Burgers

7. Big Willy’s Saloon & Grill

Big Willy’s Saloon & Grill is the place to go to to really get your hands messy as you eat your burger. They’re known for their Frac-Attack challenge, where if you can finish their insanely monstrous burger in 30 minutes or less, you’ll get a free t-shirt (and bragging rights of course)!

If you’re up for the challenge, the Frac-Attack is a burger loaded with two grilled cheese sandwiches, two beef patties, and a bevy of other ingredients stacked in between!

Big Willy's Saloon

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