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The 7 Best Burgers In Oakland

The entire state of California is really a foodie’s dream. They have all different kinds of foods and they are masterful in making some of the best burgers in Oakland.

You’ll have to check out these seven places for burgers in Oakland.

The Best Burgers in OaklandHow do these rankings work?

1. Trueburger

With a reputation for having some of the most juiciest burgers in Oakland, Trueburger serves up some of the best burgers in town. The secret star of their burgers besides the juicy beef patties is the garlic mayonnaise sauce that just elevates this burger to a new level.

Come to Trueburger for some of the finest burgers in town.

Trueburger Oakland

2. Sideshow Kitchen

Sideshow Kitchen is another great place for burgers thanks to their burger varieties and high-quality meats. You can choose to eat indoors or outdoors at this local shop and wash down your burger with a beer too.

While the Good Burger is a classic order her, the Mexi Cali Burger just might be tastier.

Sideshow Kitchen Burgers

3. Clove and Hoof

Clove and Hoof is a restaurant and butcher shop and they don’t joke around when cutting up some of the best patties. Since the meat is processed in this butcher shop, it comes out super flavourful in their burgers.

You must get the C&H Burger which is quite the mouthful as you get two four-ounce beef patties to go with the rest of your regular burger fixings.

Clove and Hoof Oakland

4. Chop Bar

Chop Bar is a gastropub that makes some fantastic food but even better burgers. The beef patties are cooked to medium rare perfection and served with some high-quality ingredients including avocado, bacon, and aioli.

The burger here at Chop Bar is simply heavenly and you’ll definitely be left satisfied.

Chop Bar

5. Park Burger

Park Burger is one of Oakland locals favourite neighbourhood burger joints. The menu features an extensive list of different variations of burgers and the prices are very fair and reasonable here.

Get the Classic Burger here or choose a more adventurous burger for more exotic burger tastes.

Park Burger Oakland

6. Sidebar

Another place where you wouldn’t expect to get a great burger is at Sidebar. Known more for their cocktails than their burgers, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise if you happen to order it here. The burger patties are cooked medium-rare and the chipotle Thousand Island dressing packs so much more flavour into their burger.

If you happen to swing by Sidebar for a cocktail, get their burger while you’re at it. You won’t be disappointed!

Sidebar Oakland

7. Scolari’s Good Eats

Scolari’s Good Eats serves up some good burger eats. They really try to be as creative as they can with their burgers by infusing them with flavours that normally aren’t in them. Ever had blue cheese and blueberry sauce in your burger before?

For people with more adventurous burger tastes, you’ll love the variety here at Scolari’s.

Scolari's Good Eats

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