The 7 Best Burgers In Santiago

The 7 Best Burgers In Santiago

When it comes to something as delicious as a simple American hamburger, Santiago does it extremely well by infusing parts of its own culture into their burgers. The burgers in Santiago range from simple to complex and the beef patties here are flavourful and juicy.

These are the best burgers in Santiago.

The best burgers in SantiagoHow do these rankings work?

1. La Burguesía

If you enjoy a delicious gourmet burger, you’ll definitely find that at La Burguesia. The flavour profile of their burgers is fantastic and they use some uncommon ingredients in a few of their burgers.

Try the sweet and savoury Blue Pera burger here. It includes a juicy beef patty, blue cheese, and pears.

La Burguesía Burgers

2. Holy Moly

Holy Moly was one of our picks for the Top 50 burgers in South America and for good reason. The burgers here use high-quality ingredients with a beef patty that is made fresh daily.

Take a bite out of any burger at Holy Moly and taste one of the best burgers in Santiago.

Holy Moly Hamburger

3. Uncle Fletch

For an excellent combination of fantastic burger and a hoppy beer, Uncle Fletch has got it. It has the trappings of a classic American sports bar, one that is lively and always busy.

Try their 1st Original Cheeseburger for a classic American burger..

Uncle Fletch Burger

4. Streat Burger

For the best, no-frills hamburgers in Santiago, come to Streat Burger. The burgers here don’t have a ton of toppings but the quality of the Angus beef patty really stands out as the star of their burgers.

For something as close to a classic American hamburger, Streat Burger is your best bet.

Streat Burger In Santiago

5. El Honesto Mike

El Honesto Mike is one of the more popular burger places in Santiago and the line-ups are further proof of that. This burger joint is hip and offers fantastic burgers that will satisfy any appetite.

For a fun burger, get their Making Burgers (not America!) Great Again burger. Their version of a bacon cheeseburger.

El Honesto Mike Hamburger

6. La Maestranza

For some of the best gourmet burgers in Santiago, you’ll have to work for it as La Maestranza is a bit out of the way to get to. But if you do make the burger pilgrimage here, you’ll be thankful you did because of their excellent burgers and fantastic and friendly service.

One of their popular burgers here is their La Maestra Sexy burger, a tantalising burger that has a bit of everything including raspberry sauce.

La Maestranza

7. Mr. Jack

Mr. Jack is a chain burger shop in Santiago that is known for their great service and quality burgers. The burgers here are similar to the ones found in American chains but are much more filling.

You can also create your own burger at Mr. Jack but we suggest you try their best burger, the Mr. Jack.

burgers in santiago

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