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The 7 Best Burgers In Shanghai

While Shanghai has some fantastic local cuisine that is tasty in its own right, they also have a few burger places that are fantastic. The top burgers in Shanghai come in all different sizes and have a penchant for using premium Australian beef.

These are the best spots for burgers in Shanghai.

The best burgers in ShanghaiHow do these rankings work?

1. Beef & Liberty

It’s arguable, but Beef & Liberty just might have the best burgers in Shanghai thanks to their menu that offers simple to complex burgers. The beef patties here are Australian Wagyu beef so you know you’re getting the premium beef in these burgers.

If you like a pinch of spice in your burger, try the Green Chile Burger. Fantastically delicious!

Beef & Liberty Shanghai

2. New York Style Steak & Burger

If you come to New York Style Steak & Burger on Tuesdays, you’ll be glad to know their burgers are buy one and get one for free! The burgers here have a fantastic reputation in Shanghai for being incredibly juicy and flavourful.

You might be amazed or shocked at the sheer size of the burgers here and you may need to pluck a few ingredients out just to be able to take a bite!

New York Style Steak and Burgers Shanghai

3. Bistro Burger

Bistro Burger is an award-winning burger shop in Shanghai known for their fresh ingredients and terrific presentation. The beef is from Australia and is as tender and juicy as a beef patty can get in a burger.

For a delicious and beautifully-presented burger, come to Bistro Burger.

Bistro Burger

4. Blue Frog

Blue Frog is another great burger spot that also uses Australian beef to give their burgers more flavour. They are known for making a wide range of different burgers with the best ingredients around.

Swing by on Monday’s with a friend and enjoy their buy one get one burger free deal!

Blue Frog Shanghai

5. The Bull & Claw

The Bull & Claw is one of the most famous spots for burgers in Shanghai and is footballer’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s favourite spot to hit in Shanghai. Popularity aside, the burgers here are pretty legit and the service is top-notch as well.

Be like Cristiano and get his favourite burger, the Premier Bull & Claw Burger.

The Bull & Claw Burgers

6. The Brew

For the best burger and beer combination in Shanghai, The Brew has got it for you. Located in the upscale Shangri-la Kerry Hotel, The Brew fixes up a premium hamburger when combined with Gruyere cheese, just melts in your mouth.

Come to The Brew for an amazing burger and a nice, cold brewski to wash it down.

The Brew Shanghai

7. O’Delice

O’Delice is actually a French restaurant in Shanghai that serves up some premium burgers made with Australian Wagyu beef. As the French can be known to do, the burgers here range from normal to really unique ones that add foie gras and salmon to their burgers, among other ingredients.

For a different take on burgers but with premium beef, come to O’Delice.


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