The 7 Best Burgers In Slovakia

The 7 Best Burgers In Slovakia

The foodie scene in this great country has been exploding in quality in recent years, and Slovakia burgers are right up there with the very best in Europe.

We wanted to pick out the seven tastiest burgers that you simply have to try when you are in town. From huge stacks piled high with toppings to a simple juicy cheeseburger, these are the bites you have to try.

So, grab a couple of friends and get ready to load up on some seriously delicious Slovakia burgers, from Bratislava and beyond.

Best burgers in SlovakiaHow do these rankings work?

1. Roxor

So much thought goes into creating each one of these unique masterpieces. When it comes to the table you don’t know if you should admire and photograph it, or just stuff it straight into your mouth. We’ll opt for the latter…

burgers Slovakia

2. BeAbout

BeAbout is a casual American-style restaurant by day and fun bar by night, with legendary beef and chicken burgers.

It’s impossible to pick just one burger from the menu here. Toppings of bacon in maple syrup , guacamole, cheddar and mayonnaise or jalapeno peppers and Mojo sauce? We want it all.

BeAbout burgers in Slovakia

3. Remys Bistro & Pub in Trencin

Just over an hour from Bratislava, Trencin is worth a visit for these amazing burgers alone. Remys Bistro & Pub is the place to go for serious comfort food. Their burgers are thick and juicy, with new combos on the menu all the time.

A highlight here is the golden fries and their homemade ketchup.

Remys Bistro & Pub in Trencin burgers in Slovakia

4. Krasty Tasty

Krasty Tasty goes above and beyond for their burgers: juicy meat from an organic farm, bacon from a local butcher, fresh salad, buns from a family bakery and homemade dressing.

The result? An impressive range of burgers that never disappoints.

Krasty Tasty burger in Slovakia

5. Savage Garden

Want a big, dirty burger but with a bit of style? Savage Garden is perfect. It’s a hip restaurant just outside of the Old Town. The menu has lovely Slovakian specialities, but it’s the burger that we’ve our eye on.

Black Angus beef with caramelised onion, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheddar, dijon mustard, potato chips and avocado dip .

Savage Garden Hamburger

6. Trojka Bistro

Trojka Bistro might be small (it fits about 10 people at a push), but its burgers are mighty. The buns are freshly baked, the beef tender and juicy and toppings range from roast pork to gouda cheese.

Hands down one of the best Slovakia burgers you’ll taste in the entire country.

Trojka Bistro Hamburger
Image: andthenbratislava/Instagram

7. Minerva

This underground bistro in the Old Town has become a classic burger spot for hungry locals and visitors. The menu is simple but focused, using high quality organic beef for the droolworthy burgers.

In a rush? Order your burger to takeaway at the small street window.

Minerva Hamburger in Slovakia

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