The 7 Best Burgers in St. Louis

The 7 Best Burgers in St. Louis

St. Louis is in a southern state and if the south knows anything, it knows how to cook some excellent food. Some of the best food are the burgers in St.Louis. You best bring your appetite because the burgers here are massive, juicy, and satisfying on so many levels.

Hit up the seven best burgers in St.Louis.

The best burgers in St.LouisHow do these rankings work?

1. Stacked STL

Stacked STL creates some of the best and most creative burgers in St. Louis. The burgers here are filling and include meat, and lots of meat. Ever had brisket in your burger before? Now you can at Stacked STL.

For a little extra beef, get the burger that comes drenched in beef brisket. Twice the beef fun and just a delicious burger.

burgers in st.louis

2. Five Star Burgers

You better be able to bring your A+ burger game when you name your shop Five Star Burgers, and best believe, these guys bring it! The variety of burgers that are on the menu here are great for those who are looking for something more than just your regular cheeseburger.

Try their Magic Mushroom Burger as it is very tasty and juicy!

Five Star Burgers

3. Bailey’s Range

At Bailey’s Range, you’ll definitely get your burger and milkshake fix here. At this multi-level restaurant, there are burgers here for everyone. Beef, chicken, or vegetarian, whatever your preference, Bailey’s can make it for you.

Bailey’s is the place to come for some awesome burgers and is especially great for those that want something else than a beef burger.

Bailey's Range Hamburge in St. Louis

4. Mac’s Local Eats

Mac’s Local Eats is a locals favourite go-to spot for burgers. All the ingredients used in this restaurant are local with their farm-to-table concept. In sourcing local ingredients, Mac’s is able to stay true to local producers in feeding citizens the best local products around.

Mingle with the locals here at Mac’s and try some of the best beef St. Louis and Missouri has to offer!

Mac's Local Eats Burger

5. Annie Gunn’s Restaurant

Annie Gunn’s has been around in St. Louis for quite a while now and one of their most popular dishes is their hamburger called The Classic. The beef patties are a blend of ribeye, striploin, Angus tenderloin and brisket making it the most heavenly combination of meats in a burger.

The Classic Burger at Annie Gunn’s uses this meat blend to go with mustard aioli and smoky hog belly. Gluttonous and satisfying at the same time!

Annie Gunn's Hamburger in st.louis

6. Layla

For some of the best gourmet burgers in St. Louis, come to Layla’s. Everything that is made at Layla’s is of the highest quality and using top-notch ingredients. Not many places in St. Louis serve a fried egg in their burger but at Layla’s, they incorporate it seamlessly into their burgers.

Give any one of Layla’s burger a shot here and you’ll be blown away by the quality of their gourmet burgers.

Layla Burgers

7. Hi-Pointe Drive-In

The burgers at Hi-Pointe Drive-In are seriously on point and offer your classic, greasy, sloppy, and juicy burgers. While you can just roll-up in your car to grab a burger here, there also is some seating inside.

Sit in a shipping container-turned seating area at Hi-Pointe to enjoy your tasty burgers.

Hi-Pointe Drive-In Hamburger

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