Best Burgers In Sydney

The 7 Best Burgers In Sydney

While great food comes in many shapes and sizes, there are very few dishes that can top a good burger.

It’s not news that Australia is absolutely full of some of the tastiest, juiciest and most mouthwatering burgers in the world (see the country’s 50 best burgers here), so we’ve gone one step further to pinpoint the tastiest burger joints in Sydney.

Hungry yet? You will be after reading this…

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1. Bar Luca 

Bar Luca has incredible selection of cocktails and burgers that are both as good as anything you’ll find in the world’s top eateries. Introduce this spot to a friend, and they’ll love you for life.

Best burgers Sydney

2. Two Hungry Bears

The menu at Two Hungry Bears really goes above and beyond for all burger lovers. There’s an actual Royale With Cheese for all you Tarantino fans out there, made with Angus Beef and American cheese. If beef isn’t for you, they serve up a delicious range of fried chicken burgers, pair it with a side of their loaded fries and get ready for a serious feast.

3. Mary’s Burgers 

You might get distracted by the wonderful interiors at Mary’s Burgers, but that’ll only last as long as it takes for the food to arrive. If you are feeling super hungry and want a challenge, try the triple stack.

Mary’s Burgers in Sydney

4. Five Points Burger

If you walk past a place and it is always as busy as this is then you know that’s a good sign. Epic burgers combined with some of the best shakes you’ll ever taste. You won’t be able to resist making a detour here every time you’re in the area.

Five Points Burger in Sydney

5. Betty’s Burgers

With a 50’s retro shack fit out theme, this popular burger joint has four Sydney outlets, serving up their mouthwatering burgers and famous ‘Concretes’ custard shakes. It’s just like Shake Shack but – dare we say it- way, way better.

Betty's Burgers
Image: @mykefrombrisbane

6. Burger Head 

The team behind Burger Head went on a mission to find the best burger in the city before deciding that they would try and make it themselves. The result? Seriously top-end grub that is every bit as good as a Michelin star meal.

Burger Head in Sydney

7. Superior Burger

This neighbourhood burger joint is consistently superb. Their burger patties are made from dry aged grass fed cuts of beef from a signature blend, and each patty is chargrilled to maximise juiciness.

Superior Burger

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