The 7 Best Burgers in Taipei

The 7 Best Burgers In Taipei

On the hunt for something to eat in Taiwan? Taipei burgers is a solid option for gluttonous-seeking foodies.

From their night markets serving up local street food to their local Taiwanese cuisine, Taipei has no shortage of tasty food.

But, unbeknownst to some, they also have a thriving burger scene here and make some amazing American classics. Here are seven of the best places to grab a mouth-watering burger!

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1. Burger & Co.

Burger & Co. is one of Taipei’s most-known burger joints. Their burgers look fast food-esque but taste very gourmet. The perfect combination in our eyes.

Order the Grilled Bacon Cheeseburger while you’re here and enjoy one of Taipei’s finest burgers.

Burger & Co. in Taipei

2. Awesome Burger

You guessed it, the burgers here are awesome, indeed. Fresh, quality ingredients make up their burgers at this price-friendly burger shop.

For those seeking a delicious chicken burger, Awesome Burger has an amazing spicy grilled chicken burger called the Jalapeño OYAKO Burger that you simply must try.

Awesome Burger in Taipei

3. Gordon Biersch

At Gordon Biersch, you get what you ask for. Literally. If you have a preference in how your meat is cooked, tell the chef and they will cook it to perfection.

Enjoy a good ol’ fashioned American burger, cooked to perfection, and with all the normal toppings you’d find in a regular burger here. No frills and gimmicks at Gordon Biersch. Just the good stuff.

Burgers in Taipei

4. Burger Ray

Burger Ray is another popular shop in Taipei, as you’ll see by the line-ups that tend to form here. But it is because the burgers here are excellent that they are busy.

Their burgers are extra juicy, so Burger Ray is nice enough to include plastic gloves for when you eat tackle it.

Come to Burger Ray if you’re looking to indulge in sheer gluttony with their Heart Attack Burger. This burger is quite the mouthful and comes with foie gras.

Burger Ray in Taipei

5. Wagyu Burger

The Wagyu Burger is one of a few places that serves up wagyu burgers in Taipei. But, they definitely do it the best. Made with 100% wagyu beef, the burgers are juicy, tender, and incredibly filling.

There’s not much seating here so be prepared to eat on the go, but definitely come here for an A+ wagyu burger.

Wagyu Burger in Taipei

6. Kooks

According to locals, Kooks just might have the best burgers in Taipei. This joint makes their burgers the Western way: quality ingredients with a juicy and huge-sized beef patty.

Buns are freshly baked with tasty sesame seeds, and the fries always golden ‘n crispy.

Kooks Hamburger

7. KGB: Kiwi Gourmet Burgers

Vegetarian lovers in Taipei come to Kiwi Gourmet Burgers (KGB) for their veggie burger fix. While they have beef burgers here, with imported meat from New Zealand no less, most people come here for their amazing vegetarian burgers.

KGB Kiwi Gourmet Burger


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