The 7 Best Burgers In Tokyo

The 7 Best Burgers In Tokyo

The food in Tokyo ranks second to none. There’s a wide variety of food you can get here, but what some may not know is that Tokyo has a thriving burger scene. For real: burgers in Tokyo are up there with some of the best in the world.

Each shop takes their burgers very seriously and they all have their own unique burger to offer, as you’ll see below! We’ve rounded up the must-try spots, so you can spend less time searching and more time feasting…

Check out seven of the best places to grab a unique burger in Tokyo.

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1. Burger Mania

Burger Mania is one of Tokyo’s most popular burger joints and all of it has to do with its reputation of serving up the highest-quality burgers in town.

If you want an out-of-the-box burger, try their either of their Cherry Burger or Mango Burger or go with a safer choice and choose their BBQ burger with smoked cheese.

Burgers Tokyo

2. Martiniburger

The Martiniburger is what you get when you combine the sloppy goodness of a juicy burger with the classy elegance of a martini. We’re sold.

A must order here is their signature Martiniburger, a 100% beef burger that uses an English muffin instead of traditional burger buns. A more filling and decadent burger here is their Skyscraper, a burger that has a bit of everything in it.

Martiniburger in Tokyo

3. The Great Burger

The Great Burger is a can’t-miss spot for burgers in Tokyo. There are plenty of great choices at Great Burger, as you’ll see by the constant line-ups that stretch outside of the restaurant. But hey, food this good is worth the wait.

You can’t go wrong with any burger here but for more adventurous burger goers, try their Avocado or Asparagus Burger!

The Great Burger

4. Eight Burgers Tokyo

Eight Burgers is one of Tokyo’s newest and hippest places to grab a burger. It has a very industrial and workman-like feel to it with its brick interior. This place features eight different burgers, each of them distinct, flavourful and filling.

Try their 8 Chili Cheeseburger to really spice up your day and fire up those taste buds.

Eight Burgers Tokyo in Tokyo

5. Authentic

Authentic serves up some of the realest burgers you can find in Tokyo. Instead of using 100% beef, their meat is a mix of Angus and wagyu beef, making it the most authentic (pun intended) kind of meet you could have in a burger.

For a different take on a burger, get their Broccoli Burger, which tastes much better than it sounds!

Authentic Hamburger

6. Brozer’s Hamburger

The burgers at Brozer’s come stacked high and full of the good stuff you’d find in most burgers. The burgers here are generally thicker than normal beef patties so know that before ordering a double patty – it’s a beast.

For those with a big appetite, make sure you bring that with you and order their Lot Burger, a burger that has just about everything in it (including an egg)!

Brozer's Hamburger in Tokyo

7. Fatz`s The San Franciscan

Bringing ‘The Bay Area’ cuisine to Toyko, this trendy place is where to go when looking for an all American classic.

At Fat’z everything is customisable, from the bread, veggies, meat, sauce and toppings. So you can really put your own stamp on your burger. If you have room for dessert, try their banana split, an all-time classic that doesn’t disappoint.


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