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The 7 Best Burgers In Tucson

One thing about this city that skews toward the younger side is that there are tremendous food options everywhere. There are heaps of great restaurants here and many of them prepare some fantastic burgers in Tucson.

Check out the seven best burgers in Tucson.

The Best Burgers in TucsonHow do these rankings work?

1. Diablo Burger

Diablo Burger is a burger shop that is 100% made in Tucson and they are proud of it! They love their spicy burgers here and create them using ingredients that are from Arizona.

Enjoy local Arizona-grown ingredients in some of the best burgers in Tucson at Diablo Burger.

Diablo Burgers

2. Serial Grillers

Serial Grillers are known for their serious burger-making skills. On top of the excellent grilling, adding bacon, guacamole, Jack cheese, and chipotle mayo to their burgers is heavenly.

The complexities of all these flavours is what makes the burgers here truly tasty.

Serial Grillers Tucson

3. Monkey Burger

There’s definitely no monkeying around at Monkey Burger. They’ve been on the burger-making scene in Tucson for 10 years now and they just might have the juiciest burgers in the city.

If you handle it, their most popular order here is the El Diablo burger, which comes loaded with habaneros peppers, green chile mayo, and pepper Jack cheese.

Monkey Burgers

4. Graze Premium Burgers

Graze Premium Burgers is one of Tucson’s favourite burger joints thanks to its all-around well-cooked and well-presented burgers. The service here is always fast and friendly and they even serve booze here to go with their burgers (if you needed it).

There’s a burger here for everyone including a veggie burger option for vegetarians too!

Graze Premium Burgers

5. Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar

Wine and a burger? Yes please! At Zinburger’s, there is a fun and lively mood in the air here and it could be because of their tasty burgers and relaxing wines.

Try the Kobe Beef Burger here and pair it with any one of their 20 glasses of wine here.

Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar

6. Amigos Burgers

While not as wildly popular as the other burger joints on this, the burgers at Amigos Burgers just might be Tucson’s best kept secret. The beef patties are cooked to your liking and the ingredients that go with the burger are fresh and of high-quality.

Definitely try their Amigo Burger which comes with slices of avocado in it.

Amigos Burgers

7. Lindy’s On 4th

Not to be confused with Lindy’s Off 4th, Lindy’s On 4th is an institution when it comes to burgers in Tucson. Locals keep coming back here for their creative takes on burgers and their funky and hilarious names to go with it.

After you have a good laugh, try their Dirty Sanchez burger!

Lindy's on 4th

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