The 7 Best Burgers In Tulsa

On the lookout for the best burgers in Tulsa? From overflowing stacks to simple cheeseburgers, we’ve got you covered.

Given the range of amazing produce on offer – coupled with world class chefs – it’s hardly surprising that the standard of Oklahoma City burgers is off the charts. Tulsa is no different. If you can’t dine in right now, you can still order these amazing burgers for delivery or takeout.

Ready for a feast?

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1. Fat Guys Burger Bar

Fat Guys Burger Bar is home to the ultimate burger for cheese lovers. They smash together two juicy beef patties with butter and American or Blue cheese in the middle for a gooey, molten beauty. Try the Fat Guys special burger if you’re super hungry: it’s loaded with bacon, cheese and two hot dogs.

Tulsa burgers
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2. Society Burger

For handcrafted, gourmet burgers, Society Burger is always a popular shout. Thin, juicy patties with plenty of flavor. Melted cheese and pillowy, golden buns. Homemade pickles. Handmade buns. This place really goes the extra mile.

Try the Pim’& Jam with Pimento cheese and bacon jam for a flavour feast.

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3. Hank’s Hamburgers

This is an iconic spot for some of the best burgers in Tulsa. Hank’s opened in 1949 and is still going strong. They’re famous for their Big Okie, which has four quarter-pound patties, four slices of cheese, mustard, pickles, fried or raw onions, lettuce and tomato.

It’s a challenge to finish, but you’ll be seriously satisfied if you do so.

Hank's Hamburgers in Tulsa

4. Brownie’s Hamburger Stand

Another Tulsa icon, open since 1956, Brownie’s Hamburger Stand is one of the oldest burger joints in town. Brownie’s is best known for their amazing burgers and refreshing homemade root beer.

Keep things simple with a juicy cheese burger and be sure to get a slice of freshly baked pie to finish off.

Brownie's Hamburger Stand in Tulsa

5. Ron’s Hamburgers & Chili

It’s all about the Ron’s Special here: a one-of-a-kind cheeseburger with the onions fried into the meat then topped with bacon bits. They then throw on a slice of Cure 81 ham with pepper jack and American cheese in a bun with mustard, mayonnaise, pickle, lettuce and tomato.

There’s now 19 other Ron’s Hamburgers and Chili restaurants throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas, so you won’t be stuck for your Ron’s burger fix.

Ron’s Hamburgers & Chili

6. The Tavern

This is the place to come for a super gourmet, upscale burger. The Tavern is a stylish gastropub that has plenty of good things to eat on the menu. Trust us though, order the burger.

It comes with Stilton cheese and Mushroom Cognac Cream in a freshly baked Challah Bun. Delicious.

The Tavern Burgers

7. McNellie’s Pub

There’s two of these great pubs in Tulsa, both serving up burgers and good vibes all day long. McNellie’s (as the name suggests) is an Irish bar, with a really great food menu.

For a real treat order the indulgent Foie Gras burger: it’s a grass-fed patty topped with Monterey Jack cheese, foie gras butter and fried jalapenos.

McNellie's Pub Hamburgers

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