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The 7 Best Burgers in Vermont

One of the smallest states in America is Vermont, but you wouldn’t be able to guess that with the kinds of tasty foods they keep producing. When it comes to food, the burgers in Vermont might surprise you in how incredibly tasty and juicy they are for such a small state.

Satisfy your curiosity and check out the seven best burgers in Vermont.

The Best Burgers in VermontHow do these rankings work?

1. The Farmhouse Tap & Grill

The Farmhouse Tap & Grill is legendary in Vermont for producing the best burgers in the state for over five years now. They’ve only been around for 10 years but their burger is the reason people keep coming back and for good reason.

Choose from one of their six burgers that use locally-sourced ingredients.

The Farmhouse Tap & Grill Vermont

2. Worthy Burger

Trust us when we say that your appetite is worthy of a Worthy Burger. The secret ingredient to their burgers just might be the Korean-style BBQ sauce and kimchi they use to give their burgers that extra level of flavour.

The best thing about the burgers here is that they are made to order so you know you’ll always be getting a hot and fresh burger that is perfectly made.

Worthy Burgers

3. Prohibition Pig

Prohibition Pig is another popular burger spot in Vermont with a reputation for their tasty burgers as well. Much like The Farmhouse, Prohibition Pig creates fantastic craft burgers that is consistently one of the best in Vermont.

Try the Great White Buffalo Burger here at Prohibition Pig and pair it with their great selection of craft beers.

Prohibition Pig Burgers

4. The Burger Barn

While you might get it confused with an actual barn on the outside, on the inside, the Burger Barn serves up some of the best burgers one can make in a barn! The beef patties are made with grade A beef and the ingredients are just as heavenly as well.

Try the Nutty Goat Burger that includes cheese, walnuts, bacon, onions, and Mayonnaise.

The Burger Barn Vermont

5. Zoey’s Double Hex

Zoey’s Double Hex just might be the place to go to to help cure that nasty hangover. They have fantastic comfort food including an entire page on their menu dedicated to serving the best burgers they can make at very affordable prices. Perfect spot for college students!

If your appetite can handle it, try the Holy Moly Burger but beware, it’s very large and very juicy (messy)!

Zoey's Double Hex Burgers

6. The Reservoir Restaurant

The Reservoir Restaurant is a contemporary restaurant that produces some fantastic burgers as part of their eclectic menu. Their burger patties are 100% grass-fed ground beef and they’re also known for having a large list of draft beers on hand.

If you like the spicy kick, try the Firehouse Burger that comes with fried jalapenos and bacon sweet chili Mayonnaise.

The Reservoir Restaurant

7. Cornerstone Burger Co.

Cornerstone Burger Co. is the pub that everyone comes to for their fantastic pub grub and cheap beers. You can easily get both here and you can even up your meat game and substitute the beef patty with a Kobe beef patty!

A classic favorite here is the Smokehouse Burger that comes with Vermont cheddar cheese along with smoked bacon and onion rings.

The Cornerstone Burger and Co.

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