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The 7 Best Burgers In Virginia Beach

In this relaxing and friendly beach city, there are some amazing restaurants to enjoy. These restaurants make excellent seafood and to the surprise of some, the burgers in Virginia Beach restaurants are also amazingly tasty.

Here are the seven best burgers in Virginia Beach.

The Best Burgers in Virginia BeachHow do these rankings work?

1. Repeal Bourbon & Burgers

Repeal Bourbon & Burgers is also on our list for one of Virginia Beach’s top bars but they are also known for their burgers too. With a combination like a bourbon and a burger, who can resist? Here, you get a juicy and tender beef burger complete with all the fixings of a burger and to top it all off, an over-easy egg!

Treat yourself to a burger and a bourbon classic, an Old Fashioned here.

Repeal Bourbon & Burgers

2. Shelton’s Big Grill

At Shelton’s Big Grill, you’re going to get some fantastic breakfast and lunch options, but the best thing just might be their burgers. They have a really good selection of burgers here from classic to specialty burgers too.

Try their popular order, the Zombie Burger, named after the hit song from the band ‘The Cranberries’.

Shelton's Big Grill Virginia Beach

3. Eat: An American Bistro

Eat: An American Bistro is one of Virginia Beach’s best places to go to for that American classic burger. And with this city being known for its beach, it’s only appropriate that this restaurant names one of its burgers, The Hasselhoff, after legendary TV actor, David Hasselhoff, of “Baywatch” fame.

The gourmet burger, The Hasselhoff, is the go-to burger here and it’s made of Wagyu beef and also has truffle mayonnaise!

Eat: An American Bistro Virginia Beach

4. J&K Style Grill

J&K Style Grill is Virginia Beach locals’ favourite spot for wings but their burgers are just as good too. Their burger here is incredibly unique because instead of regular burger buns, you get waffles instead!

You gotta try the Waffle Burger here because it is just so damn unique!

J&K Style Grill

5. Barrel 17

The best Wagyu beef patties in burgers in Virginia Beach you will find it at Barrel 17. This spot is in the hip and creative ViBe district and they offer some delicious and interesting flavoured burgers.

Give their Whiskey Burger a shot here which also comes with a delectable BBQ sauce in the burger.

Barrel 17 Virginia Beach

6. Hearth

Locals generally flock to Hearth for their pizzas but a handful of locals swear by the burgers here too. They only serve their burgers on Thursday’s here but boy, their burger is one massive creation of deliciousness!

Swing by Hearth on Thursday to try their famous Smash Burger. It just might be the only day of the week the burgers outsell the pizzas here at Hearth.

Hearth Burgers

7. Aloha Snacks

For a Hawaiian take on burgers, come to Aloha Snacks. The burgers here are quite massive and come with some very unique flavours, such as a Huli-Huli sauce. This is a casual burger joint that many locals love for their laid-back atmosphere.

Burgers and beers are the best combination at Aloha Snacks.

Aloha Snacks

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