The 7 Wellington Best Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Wellington

It’s no secret that New Zealand is home to some incredible food – from pizzas to these bucket list dishes – so we’ve gone one step further and found the best burgers in Wellington.

When it’s done right, this classic menu staple is unbeatable. And oh-boy are these places doing it so right.

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1. Five Boroughs

Five Boroughs is one for the absolute burger purists: people who don’t like too many toppings and rather something that just fits perfectly in the mouth and tastes superb.

Every single element of the burger has been perfectly thought through. A gem of a dish that shows that when food is this good, less is often more.

Five Boroughs in Wellington

2. Burger Liquor

Burger Liquor is one of those restaurants that are just really good fun to eat in. Superb shakes, cocktails and chicken dishes are on the menu, but the one dish to go for here is the classic beef burger, because it’s as close to perfection as you’re likely to get.

Burger Liquor in Wellington

3. Ekim Burgers 

Ekim Burgers has a super chilled out seating area for after you get your burger, with the chance you’ll be right beside strangers. This actually really adds to the vibe of the place – plus, with burgers this good you’ll be coming back on a regular basis.

Ekim Burgers in Wellington

4. Grill Meats Beer

If you grill really good meats with a focus on burgers and also serve world class beer then you are doing a lot right in our books. The burgers are juicy, the buns perfect and the meat always super fresh.

Wellington best burgers

5. Portlander

The Portlander is more up-market than some of the other spots on the list but who says that high end restaurants shouldn’t be serving up amazing burgers? Not us, that’s for sure. The burgers are absolutely top class and elegant in size with perfect French style “frites”.

Portlander Burger

6. Fork And Brewer 

When a place that serves burgers this tasty also has 40 beer taps to go along with them, you know you are in for a memorable experience. The perfect place to hang out with friends.

Wellington Burger

7. Ti Kouka Cafe

This beautiful sustainable cafe uses organic ingredients whenever possible and you can taste the quality in every single bite of their food. Case in point? Their Brisket Burger. 18hr slow cooked brisket with bacon aioli, blue cheese croquette, slaw and onions.

Brisket Burger

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