Best Burgers In Manila

The 7 Best Burgers In Manila

Want a big dirty burger in Manila? We hear you loud and clear. Fellow burger buddies, we’ve got you sorted.

Food in Manila is as fresh as it gets, with a huge variety of options but sometimes when that burger craving comes over you then you just have to have one. Here’s the very best burgers in the city…

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1. Lusso

They keep things nice and simple here in this fine dining restaurant, focusing on really good beef with simple toppings. The end result? It is absolutely mouthwatering.

Lusso Burger in Manila

2. The Burger Joint

One to come to if you are absolutely starving because their portions are massive. You’ll struggle to get it all into your mouth, but once you do the flavours are superb.

The Burger Joint in Manila

3. Sweet Ecstasy

One for the true burger aficionados. They don’t overcomplicate things here and just focus on making what is quite honestly a ridiculously good and wholesome burger.

Sweet Ecstasy Hamburger

4. Boutique Burger Kitchen Philippines

A place to come if you want a proper cheat meal because besides their superb burgers they do unreal shakes. Oh, and if you still have room you can round it off with their amazing cakes.

Boutique Burger Kitchen Philippines

5. 8Cuts Burgers

Not only are the burgers here, absolutely picture perfect when they come to the table (Instagram shot is a must) they taste unreal and tick every single box.

6. POUND by Todd English

Their burgers come perfectly presented in small boxes and if you throw in the loaded fries as a side you will be in a food coma by the time you leave the place. Try the indulgent fois gras topping. Simply perfect.

Burgers manila

7. Zark’s Burgers

With a food truck set up, the vibe is very American. Alongside their burgers, which are absolutely world class, they probably do the best fries in Manila and their fried chicken is also a must try.

Zark's Burgers in Manila

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