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The 7 Best Cities In Europe To Study Abroad

Europe is easily one of the most popular places to study abroad, but with each country having a completely unique vibe, it’s hard to know where exactly to spend your semester. There’s some amazing, vibrant student cities in Europe with top universities so you’re spoiled for choice.

Here’s our pick of the best cities in Europe to study abroad – you won’t want to go home!

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1. Berlin, Germany

Arguably the coolest city in Europe (where else would you find techno-playing spas and abandoned amusement parks?), Berlin is the rough diamond of the continent where people play hard and work hard. This edgy city has graffiti on every corner and has turned into one of Europe’s coolest destinations since the fall of the Berlin Wall in ’89.


2. Madrid, Spain

The sunniest city in Europe, Madrid has over 300 sunshine-filled days a year, making it extra nice for a city break in Europe. Grand architecture, sprawling parks and an insanely cool food scene ensure Madrid is a top spot to visit. Modern art museums, iconic football stadiums or local food markets – there’s something here for everyone.

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3. Aarhus, Denmark

Denmark’s second-biggest city is often ignored in favour of Copenhagen, and it’s a real shame. The European Capital of Culture for 2017, this place is full of good vibes. The skywalk on top of the Art Museum will give you views of the entire city, and there’s also 14th century churches to explore. What more could you need?

best places to study abroad

4. Bologna, Italy

The historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, in northern Italy, Bologna is a Medieval city with ancient streets to explore, and incredible views from the city’s tower. Lively bars and cafes line the streets and the graffiti-covered piazzas add a bit of edge.

It’s an easily walkable city, with an incredible food scene and friendly locals. No wonder it’s one of the best places in Europe to study.

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5. Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia’s capital is often overlooked for the country’s dazzling coast, but Zagreb is not to be skipped. The historically rich city is an easy hub for visiting other European destinations. It offers quite a few attractions for visitors to see.

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6. Prague, Czech Republic

Nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires,” it’s known for its Old Town Square and historic monuments. Winding streets and a unique atmosphere makes Prague a top spot to visit.

It’s a city that is rich in history and character, as shown by the Gothic and medieval influences of its buildings. It’s easily one of the best places to study abroad in Europe!

Prague things to do

7. Toulouse, France

Toulouse’s gorgeous summer-y climate and its exciting fusion of cultures from being so close to the Spanish border makes it a real gem of a place to visit.  Its nickname is La Ville Rose (‘The Pink City’) because of the red-pink clay bricks that are used in the buildings.

It’s a lively, student-friendly city. There’s more than 1,000 events on average every year!

best places to study abroad

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