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The 7 Best Cocktail Bars In Bangkok

It goes without saying that one of the best cities in Asia to have a few cocktails in is Bangkok. A cosmopolitan city that’s buzzing with activity, there’s some incredible cocktail bars in Bangkok to hit up.

From boutique speakeasy dens to rooftop bars, you’re guaranteed to have a classy night out at one of these watering holes…

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1. Maggie Choo’s

Don’t let the basement location of Maggie Choo’s fool you. There is an air of mystique of this bar that is unseen with any other bar. To find Maggie Choo’s, you must go through a restaurant, go through a black curtain, and find the wooden stairwell to take you down to this amazing bar.

They serve nothing but the premium stuff here, so bring enough cash for a few drinks.

2. Sky Bar at Lebua

Suspended on over the city 820 feet in the air, Sky Bar is one of the highest rooftop bars in the world – you might recognise it from The Hangover II. 63 floors up, the vertigo-inducing Sky Bar’s innovative cocktails and views make it one of the most famous cocktail bars in Bangkok.

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3. The Speakeasy 

Located on the 24th  and 25th Floor of the Hotel Muse Bangkok, this bar is inspired by the speakeasies from America’s 1920-30’s Prohibition Era. They even have monthly Gatsby parties where everyone turns up in 1920s dress.

This drinking hotspot is also a special place for the gin enthusiast: The Gin library contains up to 75 different types of premium gins and special gin cocktails.

The Speakeasy Bar

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4. Q&A Bar

Looking more like an old-train car than a bar, Q&A Bar brings out one of the better bar settings in Bangkok. Here, they serve up hand-crafted cocktails on a cocktails menu that is constantly rotating by the month.

Check out this charming bar in Bangkok and ask for a cocktail recommendation from the bartender.

Q&A Bar

5. Sing Sing Theater

If you want to be transported back in time to what you might think China looked like in the 1950s, come to Sing Sing Theater. With hanging lanterns, red lighting and dragon statues, it’s not hard to think you’re in China here at Sing Sing.

With the amazing decor, their drinks are just as fantastic, as they use premium liquors in their cocktails. Just an overall fabulous experience.

6. Havana Social

Get a bit of Cuban flair in Bangkok at Havana Social. Here, sip and savour on some delicious rums in classic Spanish-influence cocktails. Head on upstairs with your cocktail where you can smoke on your favourite Cuban cigar.

To enter this bar, you’ll have to find the payphone and punch in the secret password!

Havana Social Bangkok

7. Above Eleven

This popular 32-storey bar is the place to be for a vibrant and swish night out in Bangkok. It’s inspired by Central Park in New York, one of the greatest urban parks in the world, so you are surrounded by greenery.

Highlights include custom-designed structural trees, a maze in the entrance area and unique bathroom ‘observatories’ overlooking the city.

32-storey bar

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