The 7 Best Coffee In Boise

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Boise

It’s good news for java lovers looking for the best coffee in Boise – the Third Wave coffee culture is really making its way into the Treasure Valley. There’s a big coffee boom going on right now, with specialty coffee shops and small roasters popping up all over the city.

And you know what? It’s incredible. Say goodbye to syrupy coffees and a big caffeinated hello to smooth drip brews and cold pours. Before you know it, this place will be giving Seattle a run for its money.

So to celebrate the coffee craze we’ve got the very best coffee shops in Boise. Read on and take note for when you need a pick-me-up…

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1. Caffeina Roasting Company

This small-batch coffee roaster in Boise sources all its beans from free market coffees, small farm, certified organics and fair trade farms.

Unlike many other coffee stores, there’s also a strong focus on craft beer here, with an industrial, brewery-like vibe, and the store stays open until 9pm. Their signature espresso is a blend of Indonesian, African and South American beans, with sweet macadamia nutty notes.

Best coffee Boise

2. Neckar

Neckar Coffee started off brewing steaming pour-overs at Boise Farmers Market; now the pop-up coffee trailer has expanded into a lovely coffee store that micro-roasts beans sourced from the Coffee Shrub in Oakland.

The cold brew on tap is the only beverage you need this summer.

Neckar cafe in Boise

3. Push and Pour

Push and Pour is a slick coffee shop in Garden City down by the river and is just a short walk from Whitewater Wave Park and Corridor Surf. There’s a definitive skateboarding vibe to this hip spot; the espresso tampers and tap handles are made from skateboard parts. Coffee is freshly roasted and they also serve booze – it’s a win-win.

Push and Pour cafe

4. Form and Function

This specialty coffee roaster located in downtown Boise is another hotspot that started off pouring small-batch brews at the Boise Farmer’s Market. The store is beautiful and bright, with plenty of choice for your cuppa – they serve batch brews, espresso drinks, pour overs and a lovely Guatemala Nitro Float. Get the coffee flight if you can’t pick just one!

Form and Function cafe

5. Slow by Slow Coffee Bar 

Slow by Slow is a multi-roaster coffee shop, so it offers a rotating line-up of beans from artisanal roasters around the country. Not only does it nail it on the design-front (seriously, can we move in?!), it consistently serves quality coffee. Grab a freshly baked blueberry pie to go with your latte.

Slow by Slow Coffee Bar

6. Dawson Taylor

Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters has been roasting exceptional, artisan coffee in Boise ever since 1995. With two locations across town, they roast coffee daily on two San Franciscan traditional European drum-style roasters.

Pop into their 8th street store for a coffee to sit in, or swing by the roastery HQ in for a tour, watch the roasting process and grab a drink at Roast, their pour-over bar.

Dawson Taylor Coffee in Boise

7. The District Coffee House

The District Coffee House is a beautiful, bright and airy coffee shop that serves coffee roasted by Form & Function. As well as serving pour-overs prepared in a Chemex or a Hario V60, The District also makes a handful of tasty signature drinks, like their raspberry and white chocolate latte.

The District Coffee House
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