The 7 Best Coffee In Athens

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Athens

With so many things to do, see, and eat, it shouldn’t surprise you that there’s lots of places to have some excellent coffee in Athens. Java-lovers will be happy to know that there’s plenty of shops with different specialties around Athens that you can try, depending on your coffee preferences.

Cold brew, espresso or plain ol’ filter – this city has it all.

These are just seven of the best places to grab a great brew in Athens.

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1. Taf Coffee

In Athens, Taf Coffee is one of the places locals keep coming to every morning for their coffee. Taf sources beans from all around the world and imports it to their store where you can enjoy them.

Since this is a locals’ favourite, try a cup of their rich, Greek coffee while you’re here.

Taf Coffee in athens

2. Mind the Cup

Mind the Cup is a hip coffee shop that has a slick wooden interior, including a bar area with wooden stools. While it may feel like you’re more at a bar, Mind the Cup makes some fantastic coffees and their baristas are super helpful.

Get a cold brewed coffee here, take it to go, and explore the neighbouring shops in this chic part of Athens.

Mind the Cup Cafe

3. Little Tree Books and Coffee

Do you enjoy reading a good book while sipping your coffee? Come do just that at Little Tree Books and Coffee! This charming spot offers book and coffee lovers a haven to do both and to spend as much time here as you please.

Enjoy an excellent Greek coffee while grabbing a book off their shelves and sipping your coffee.

Little Tree Books and Coffee

4. Mr Bean Coffee Brewers

You won’t find the TV character here, but you will find some fantastic in-store roasted beans that blossom into great coffees. The vibe here is very welcoming and can feel like you’re in someone’s living room more so than at a coffee shop!

For espresso lovers, Mr Bean Coffee Brewers does it very well and pair it with one of their tasty pastries. What more could you need?

Mr Bean Coffee Brewers

5. Kaya

Kaya is located in a shopping centre in the heart of Athens. Its good central location means it is often visited by locals and tourists alike. At Kaya, they specialise in some of the best espressos you can find in Athens.

You can only get your coffee as a takeaway at Kaya, so grab it as a quick pick-me-up before you hit the town. Oh, and definitely get their espresso.

6. The Underdog

The Underdog is a coffee shop in Athens with world-class roastery vibes. It is also a coffee roastery and bar but they are really known for their specialty coffees, especially their flat white.

On any given day, you’ll find 10 espresso roasts from South America and Africa available to try. You can’t go wrong ordering any one of these at The Underdog.

The Underdog coffee shop

7. Handpickers Coffee Roasters

On your way to the port of Pireaus, swing by and grab an espresso at Handpickers Coffee Roasters. The name of the shop was chosen by the owners to show appreciation for the hard work that coffee growers and pickers do everyday.

Get their famous espresso, which is a blend of Brazilian and Colombian beans.

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